Myers Brothers and Bohn Clash at Bowman Gray

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(Bowman Gray Stadium, Winston-Salem, NC) On Friday at Bowman Gray Stadium, Jason Myers continued his hot streak in what has turned out to be his best season ever. But he was overshadowed by the roller-coaster ride that Danny
Bohn took on Friday night.
Myers, a resident of Walnut Cove, was the fastest qualifier yet again at the Stadium – his eighth pole of the 2015 season. Starting outside of him in the first race for the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series was Danny Bohn of Freehold,
NJ. Bohn was the champion last year but left to pursue his career, returning occasionally to his old stomping grounds.
Myers and Bohn battled side by side during the initial start but Myers eventually powered into the lead. More cautions soon after took their toll on Jason Myers. Not only did he have to defend his lead more often, but his car was
losing speed.
“We were good in that first race until about halfway – and once the tires cooled off on that long caution, the car just went away,” said Myers. Bohn took advantage of the situation and put Myers to the test, repeatedly banging
Myers’s rear bumper.
But right behind Bohn was Burt Myers, who wasn’t too happy about Bohn’s treatment of brother Jason. Myers delivered a stiff shot to Bohn to send him spinning.
“He was flailing on Jason, it would jam us up, and I’d get nailed. And then he was trying to overdrive his car to get to Jason. When he did, he slid out – and I got my nose in there,” said Burt Myers. “Some people can dish it out and
can’t take it.”
Bohn saw it differently. “Burt was mad I was roughing up his brother, but I didn’t spin him out. I know how hard to hit somebody not to spin them out,” said Bohn. “I was hoping maybe Jason would slip up, and I’d get a hole. But I
guess his brother didn’t like it, so he drove down in turn three and cleaned me out.”
Jason Myers went on to take the checkered with Burt Myers finishing behind him in second. “I earned this sucker tonight. I had my hands full,” said Jason Myers. “I drove that last 25 laps probably harder than I’ve driven 25 over
here in a long time.”
Redemption did come for Bohn, though. The “Madhouse Scramble” put him sixth in the lineup for the start of the second race, and in short order Bohn made his way up to challenge Ronnie Clifton of Walkertown for the lead.
Clifton held strong but ended up losing control, perhaps due to track conditions, later in the race.
Bohn took over the lead, held off Chris Fleming of Mount Airy, and went on to grab the checkered. Fleming finished in second.
In the McDowell Heating & Air Stadium Stock Series, Brandon Brendle of Winston-Salem brought home the win.
Connor Pyle, Chase Purdy, Joe Ryan Osborne, and Dave Rapelle won in the Legends races. Clay Thompson and Ashton Higgins took home Bandolero wins, with John Barrow winning for the East Coast Flathead Fords.
The action continues tonight at the Madhouse with the 199 for the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour, plus racing for the Farm Bureau Insurance Sportsman Series and the Q104.1 New Country Street Stock
Series. Admission for this special event is just twelve dollars.
The gates open at 6:00, and the first race begins at 8:00 PM tonight. Ticket prices, directions, and more information can be found online at or by calling (336) 723-1819.

Race Results

Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series
1st Modified Race: 50 laps

1       4       Jason Myers     Walnut Cove, NC
2       1       Burt Myers      Walnut Cove, NC
3       83      Tim Brown       Tobaccoville, NC
4       27      Jonathan Brown  Winston-Salem, NC
5       18      Cale Gale       Winston-Salem, NC
6       79      Joe Ryan Osborne        Kannapolis,NC
7       77      Lee Jeffreys    Winston-Salem, NC
8       53      John Smith      Mount Airy, NC
9       3       Danny Propst    Waxhaw, NC
10      92      Brody Jones     Statesville, NC
11      65      Danny Bohn      Huntersville, NC
12      13      Chris Fleming   Mount Airy, NC
13      5       Randy Butner    Pfafftown, NC
14      00      Kevin Orlando   Statesville, NC
15      16      William Smith   Mount Airy, NC
16      66      Ronnie Clifton  Walkertown, NC
17      2       Joseph Brown    Lewisville, NC
18      15      Jeremy Gerstner Wesley Chapel, FL
19      75      Robert Jeffreys Winston-Salem, NC

2nd Modified Race: 50 laps

1       65      Danny Bohn      Huntersville, NC
2       13      Chris Fleming   Mount Airy, NC
3       53      John Smith      Mount Airy, NC
4       77      Lee Jeffreys    Winston-Salem, NC
5       83      Tim Brown       Tobaccoville, NC
6       4       Jason Myers     Walnut Cove, NC
7       92      Brody Jones     Statesville, NC
8       1       Burt Myers      Walnut Cove, NC
9       79      Joe Ryan Osborne        Kannapolis,NC
10      66      Ronnie Clifton  Walkertown, NC
11      27      Jonathan Brown  Winston-Salem, NC
12      3       Danny Propst    Waxhaw, NC
13      5       Randy Butner    Pfafftown, NC
14      16      William Smith   Mount Airy, NC
15      00      Kevin Orlando   Statesville, NC
16      75      Robert Jeffreys Winston-Salem, NC
17      18      Cale Gale       Winston-Salem, NC
18      15      Jeremy Gerstner Wesley Chapel, FL

McDowell Heating & Air Stadium Stock Series
15-Lap Race: 10 laps completed (race ended early due to time limit expiration)

1       11      Brandon Brendle Winston-Salem, NC
2       02      Wesley Thompson Advance, NC
3       7       Chris Allison   Mocksville, NC
4       8       Shane Southard  Yadkinville, NC
5       40      Daniel Yates    Lexington, NC
6       48      Junior Smith    Lexington, NC
7       76      Billy Cameron Jr        Salisbury, NC
8       97      Bryan Sykes     Lexington, NC
9       08      Dan Speeney     Mocksville, NC
10      81      Chuck Wall      Lexington, NC
11      55      Tyler Burke     Midway. NC
12      80      Mark Smith      Advance, NC
13      6       Dale Patterson  Winston-Salem, NC
14      14      Ken Bridges     King, NC
15      16      Stephen Sanders Midway, NC
16      29      Cody Arrington  Mount Airy, NC
17      10      David Hopkins   Winston-Salem, NC
18      23      Andy Spears     Lexington, NC
19      88      Brad Mickalowski        Mocksville, NC
20      31      Zack Staley     Lexington, NC
21      17      Andy Southern   Winston-Salem, NC
22      09      Tim Evans       Clemmons, NC
23      2       Michael Bennett Pinnacle, NC
24      24      A.J. Sanders    Mocksville, NC

Legends (Semi-Pro)
1       07      Connor Pyle     Scotsdale, AZ
2       10      Dakota Ratcliff Cornelius, NC
3       8       Gerad Miller    Dayton, OH

Legends (Young Lions)
1       8       Chase Purdy     Huntersville, NC
2       60      Kade Honeycutt  Baytown, TX
3       95      Jacob Heafner   Dallas, NC

Legends (Pro)
1       13      Joe Ryan Osborne        Huntersville, NC
2       83      Joey Padgett    Concord, NC
3       15      Michael Torres  Apopka, FL

Legends (Masters)
1       92      Dave Rapelle    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
2       26      Chris Byerly    Trinity, NC
3       94      Rodney Tharp    Thomasville, NC

Bandoleros (Bandits)
1       99      Clay Thompson   Bowersville, GA
2       90      Daniel Wilk     Pineville, NC
3       29      DJ Canipe       Fallton, NC

Bandoleros (Outlaws)
1       9       Ashton Higgins  Weaverville, NC
2       11      Gracie Trotter  Denver, NC
3       03      Justin Taylor   Greatfalls, SC

East Coast Flathead Fords
1       55      John Barrow     Kernersville, NC
2       6       James Rogers    Ridgeway, VA
3       18      Richard Wilke   Reidsville, NC