Hanford Picks Up $1000 for IMCA Modified Win at 34 Raceway

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BURLINGTON, IA (7-4-15) – Weather finally cooperated for racers and fans at 34 Raceway, West Burlington, IA Saturdaynight July 4. With 109 cars competing it was a great night of racing action on this day of celebration.


Picking up wins Saturday were Bruce Hanford, Davenport (IMCA Modifieds), Harold Pohren, New London (305 sprints), Jason Cook, Mt. Pleasant (IMCA Stock Cars), Austen Becerra, Carthage, Il., (IMCA Sport Mods), Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point, Il., (4 Cylinders) and Ryan Jamison, Mediapolis (IMRA Midgets).


Coming up this week at 34 Raceway is  W.T. Gabeline and Sons Trucking Night with racing action for 305 Sprints, IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Mods, IMCA Stock Cars, STARS Mod Lites and 4 Cylinders. Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 18 for the 34 Raceway  Pepsi & B& B Propane 50th Season Blast from the Past Celebration. Admission prices for July 18will be rolled back 50 years to $1.50  grandstand admission and $15 pit passes.  Come early for the car show and meet and greet past and present drivers.


Bruce Hanford, Davenport took the lead from Brandon Rothzen following a caution on lap thirteen and went on to win the Roberts Tire Center sponsored $1000 to win the 20 lap IMCA Modified feature topping the twenty three car field.


Sixteen IMCA Sport Mods took to the track with Austen Becerra, Carthage, Il., leading from start to finish for his second 34 Raceway Sport Mod feature win holding off Joey Gower at the end.


A nice field of twenty 305 sprints took to the track with  Harold Pohren, New London, getting his first win this season at the 3/8 mile. Pohren took the lead from Donnie Steward on lap four and went on to take the win holding off a challenge from Justin Newberry.


John Oliver took the early lead in the IMCA Stock Car feature before car problem his the Danville driver on lap ten of the twenty lap feature race. Oliver’s car came to a stop between turns one and two to bring out the caution. When racing resumed, Jeremy Pundt took over the second spot. Pundt, Shane Watts and Jason Cook put on a show for the crowd  as they battled for position. On lap fourteen Cook took over the third lead of the race and held off Watts and Pundt for the win.


Ryan Jamison, Mediapolis, picked up his first IMRA Midgets feature topping a quality field of  18 midget cars.


The final feature of the night saw Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point, Ill, getting her first 4 Cylinder feature win  at 34 Raceway,



34 Raceway July 4, 2015 results.



FEATURE: 1. Harold Pohren, New London, 2. Justin Newberry, Danville, 3. Jayson Ditsworth, Gladstone, Il., 4. Ben Wagoner, Emden, Il., 5. Dustin Clark, Eldon, 6. Daniel Bergquist, Burlington, 7. Brandyn Martin, Eldon, 8. Andy Krieger, Burlington, 9. Blaine Jamison, Mediapolis, 10. Cody Wehrle, Burlington, 11. Shane Quam, Gladstone, Il., 12. Nathan Murders, Burlington, 13. Dillan Roth, Burlington, 14. Richard Brod, Downers Grove,Il., 15. Heath Bundy, Oquawka, Il., 16. Nick Guernsey, Burlington, 17. Donnie Steward, West Burlington, 18. Tyler Glass, Cedar Rapids, 19. Austin Sears, Macomb, Il.,  20., John Schulz, West Burlington, 21. Jeff Wilke, Genoa, Il., 22. Dave Getchell, Sperry. HEAT WINNERS: Krieger, Steward, Wehrle.



FEATURE: 1. Bruce Hanford, Davenport, 2. Bob Dominacki, Bettendorf, 3. Colt Mather, Keswick, 4. Scott Hogan, Vinton, 5. Brandon Rothzen, Raritan, Il., 6. Carter Vandenberg, Oskaloosa, 7. Jeff Waterman, Quincy, Il., 8. Dean McGee, Galesburg, Il., 9. Tyler Glass, Cedar Rapids, 10. Ryan Cook, Burlington, 11. Dugan Thye, Burlington, 12. Blake Woodruff, Galesburg, Il., 13. Colin Rothzen, Media, Il., 14. Bill Roberts, Jr., Burlington, 15. Chadwick Giberson, Packwood, 16. Larry McConnell, Danville, 17. Darrow Lillie, Burlington, 18. Jerry Wilhelm, Jr., Danville, 19. Lonne Heap, Monmouth, 20. Milo Veloz, Colona, Il., 21. Dustin Smith, Tayler Ridge, Il., 22. Rich Smith, Taylor Ridge, Il., 23. Johnathan Huston, Columbus Junction. HEAT WINNERS: McGee, Mather, D. Smith.



FEATURE: 1. Jason Cook, Mt. Pleasant, 2. Shane Watts, Burlington, 3. Jeremy Pundt, Donnellson, 4. Tom Bowling, Danville, 5. Jake Wenig, Burlington, 6. Chad Krogmeier, Burlington, 7. Les Blakley, Fairfield, 8. Andrew Hustead, Rutledge, Mo.., 9. Devon Timmerman, Wapello, 10. Ray Raker, Danville, 11. John Brockway, Morning Sun, 12. DeWayne Warth, Danville, 13. Derek Schwandt, Danville, 14. Randy Wachter, Burlington, 15. John Oliver, Jr., Danville. HEAT WINNERS: Watts, Hustead.



FEATURE: 1. Austen Becerra, Carthage, Il., 2. Joey Gower, Quincy, Il., 3. Daniel Keltner, Coralville, 4. John Oliver, Jr., Danville, 5. Jeff Mueller, New London, 6. Creston Williams, Newhall, 7. Brett Timmerman, Wapello, 8. Aaron Mitchell, Knoxville, Il., 9. Dakota Simmons, Libertyville, 10. Wesley Mayfield, Hull, Il., 11. Tom Lathrop, Ottumwa, 12. Dakota Anderson, Clayton, Il., 13. Travis Hartman, Burlington, 14. Robert Gould, Hillsboro, 15. Nathan Bringer, Lewiston, Mo.., 16. Sean Wyett, Danville. HEAT WINNERS: Keltner, Simmons.



FEATURE: 1. Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point, Il., 2. Jerrod Nichols, Stronghurst, Il., 3. Ron Kibbe, Danville, 4. Duane Dixon, West Burlington, 5. Bryerson Tharp, Grandview, 6. Kevin Mortimer, Biggsville, Il., 7. Randy Magnuson, Burlington, 8. Stevie Shull, Danville, 9. Colton Keck, Mt. Pleasant, 10. Larry Miller, Burlington, 11. Darin Smith, Wapello, 12. Ashton Blain, Burlington, 13. Billy Stanford, Wapello, 14. Billy Carter, Burlington. HEAT WINNERS: Keck, Kibbe.



FEATURE: 1. Ryan Jamison, Mediapolis, 2. Gedd Ross, Havana, Il., 3. Robby McQuinn, Springfield, Il., 4. Aaron Hull, Cameron, Il., 5. Mitchall Davis, 6. Aaron Schuck, Joliet, Il., 7. AJ Johnson, 8. Bart Andrews, Muscatine, 9. Andy Baugh, Mason City, Il., 10. Dillon Morley, Moline, Il., 10. Dillon Morley, Moline, Il., 11. Mike Larson, Ottawa, Il., 12. Ken Hanson, 13. Kendra Leer, Moulton, 14. Johnny Murdock, St. Louis, Mo, 15. Dave Anderson, Burlington, 16. Travis Pence, Biggsville, Il., 17. David Burgus, Burlington, 18. Brayden Gaylord, Wever. HEAT WINNERS: Schuck, Davis, Anderson.