Shullick, Danzer Take Early Leads in Triple Crown Championship Series

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Triple Crown Championship Series Opener Show Tight Competition



OSWEGO, NY – May 15, 2017 – A total of eleven registered cars and drivers took part in the inaugural event of the Shea Concrete Triple Crown Championship Series presented by ASI Racewear on Saturday night at Oswego Speedway with TCCS follower Dave Shullick Jr. earning his first career Novelis Supermodified non-wing main event win at the Steel Palace aboard the John Nicotra Racing No. 2.

After setting fast time in group time trials earlier in the evening, a blind draw invert saw Shullick start inside the second row, and utilizing a late race restart with only seven laps remaining Shullick steamed past defending Oswego track champion Michael Barnes to claim the highly anticipated victory.

TCCS Driver of the Year candidate Otto Sitterly finished the night on the podium with TCCS registrants Dave Danzer and Tim Snyder finishing the top five positions.

Fellow TCCS racers Jeff Abold and Mike Muldoon also claimed top ten finishes with runs of 7th and 10th respectively.

Of the six TCCS campaigners finishing in the top ten at Oswego on Saturday, Danzer and Snyder were the highest finishing drivers in Supermodified of the Year candidate machines.

Top ten finishers Abold and Muldoon join Danzer and Snyder in that category as well as Joe Gosek, who finished 12th.

Gosek however had a tough evening in his No. 00 machine, ending the night hard in the first turn wall with heavy front end damage.

Other TCCS racers in the field consisted of Dave Gruel (13th), Joey Payne (15th), Keith Shampine (16th), and Dave McKnight (17th).

Registrants Tim Jedrzejek and Howard Page did not compete in the first event of the season.

By virtue of their solid finishes on Saturday night; Shullick Jr., Sitterly, Danzer, Snyder, and Abold currently sit in the money positions in the Driver of the Year portion of the TCCS championship with a $6,000 winner’s share up for grabs.

On the Supermodified of the Year side the Danzer Racing No. 72 leads Snyder Racing, Team Abold Racing, Muldoon Racing, and Gosek Racing in the top five money paying positions with another $6,000 winner’s share on the line.

In victory lane race winner Shullick was put to the task of drawing a TCCS competitors name out of a hat for a brand new right rear Hoosier Racing Tire.  In a bit of irony, Shullick drew his teammate Sitterly’s name as the recipient of the new tire.

The Shea Concrete Triple Crown Championship Series presented by ASI Racewear will see four more non-wing Supermodified events at Oswego Speedway and five wing events on the ISMA tour including races at Lancaster Speedway, Stafford Speedway, Sandusky Speedway, and Star Speedway.

The next event of the season or the TCCS is scheduled for Saturday, June 3 at Lancaster Speedway as the ISMA Supermodifieds will be in action.

If interested in helping to support the Triple Crown Championship Series of Supermodified Racing feel free to contact series promoter Dan Kapuscinski by e-mail at or by phone at (315) 708-7544.

To learn more about Oswego Speedway, visit online at and be sure to visit for more information on the International Supermodified Association.
About the TCCS: The Triple Crown Championship Series of Supermodified Racing, a promotional Supermodified series, was formed by Dan Kapuscinski Motorsports Promotions in conjunction with Oswego Speedway and the International Supermodified Association.  The 10-race joint venture, which helps to provide bonus money for Supermodified drivers and owners, would not be possible without the support of Shea Concrete Products, ASI Racewear, A&P Automotive, Burke’s Do-It-Best Home Centers as well as the support and dedication of the participating TCCS race teams and the loyal Supermodified fan base.
TCCS Race #1 – May 13 – Oswego Speedway

Supermodified Feature (50-Laps): 1. 2 – Dave Shullick Jr, 2. 68 – Michael Barnes, 3. 7- Otto Sitterly, 4. 72 – Dave Danzer, 5. – 0 Tim Snyder, 6. 01 – Dan Connors, 7. 05 – Jeff Abold, 8. 83 – Lou LeVea Jr, 9. 94 – Logan Rayvals, 10. 15 – Michael Muldoon, 11. 02 – Brandon Bellinger, 12. 00 – Joe Gosek, 13. 50 – Dave Gruel, 14. 56 – Hal LaTulip, 15. 14 – Joey Payne, 16. 55 – Keith Shampine, 17. 70 – Dave McKnight
Bentley Warren Driver of the Year Standings: (as of May 13)
1. Dave Shullick Jr. – 100*
2. Otto Sitterly – 90
3. Dave Danzer – 87
4. Tim Snyder – 84
5. Jeff Abold – 78
6. Mike Muldoon – 72
7. Joe Gosek – 68
8. Dave Gruel – 66
9. Joey Payne – 62
10. Keith Shampine – 61
11. Dave McKnight – 60
12. Tim Jedrzejek – 0
13. Howard Page – 0
Jim Shampine Supermodified of the Year Standings: (as of May 13)
1. 72 Danzer Racing – 87
2. 0 Snyder Racing – 84
3. 05 Team Abold Racing – 78
4. 15 Muldoon Racing – 72
5. 00 Gosek Racing – 68
6. 50 Gruel Racing – 66
7. 14 Penix Racing – 62
8. 55 Osetek Racing – 61
9. 70 Morton Racing – 60
10. 18 Page Racing – 0
Bentley Warren Driver of the Year Roster: (As of May 12)
Otto Sitterly (Nicotra No. 7, Bodnar No. 96)
Dave Shullick Jr. (Nicotra No. 2, Bodnar No. 95)
Jeff Abold (Abold No. 05)
Dave McKnight (Morton No. 70)
Dave Danzer (Danzer No. 72, Danzer No. 52)
Tim Jedrzejek (Danzer No. 72, Lane No. 97)
Joe Gosek (Gosek Racing No. 00)
Dave Gruel (Gruel Racing No. 50)
Howard Page (Page Racing No. 18)
Keith Shampine (Osetek Racing Technologies No. 55)
Tim Snyder (Snyder Racing No. 0)
Mike Muldoon (Muldoon Racing No. 15)
Joey Payne (Penix Racing No. 14)

Jim Shampine Supermodified of the Year Roster: (As of May 12)
Team Abold Racing No. 05 (Driver- Jeff Abold)
Gary Morton Racing No. 70 (Driver- Dave McKnight)
Danzer Racing No. 72 (Drivers- Dave Danzer, Tim Jedrzejek)
Gosek Racing No. 00 (Driver- Joe Gosek)
Gruel Racing No. 50 (Driver- Dave Gruel)
Page Racing No. 18 (Driver- Howard Page)
Osetek Racing Technologies No. 55 (Driver- Keith Shampine)
Snyder Racing No. 0 (Driver- Tim Snyder)
Muldoon Racing No. 15 (Driver- Mike Muldoon)
Penix Racing No. 14 (Driver- Joey Payne)

Shea Concrete Triple Crown Championship Series presented by ASI Racewear

 May 13 – Oswego Speedway 67th Season Opener (Non-Wing) – Dave Shullick Jr.
 June 3 – ISMA Lancaster Speedway (Wing)
 June 10 – Oswego Speedway Twin 35’s (Non-Wing)
 June 23 – ISMA Stafford Speedway (Wing)
 July 1- Oswego Speedway Independence Grand Prix (Non-Wing)
 July 22 – Oswego Speedway Mr. Suprermodified (Non-Wing)**
 July 28 – ISMA Sandusky Speedway Hy-Miler Fast 40 (Wing)
 July 29 – ISMA Sandusky Speedway Hy-Miler Nationals (Wing)**
 September 3 – Oswego Speedway International Classic (Non-Wing)**
 September 9 – ISMA Star Speedway Classic (Wing)**
 ** – Indicates Double Point Shows

 Feature Points Only, Oswego 100-point format
 Best (3) Non-Wing finishes, combined with best (3) wing finishes count toward (6) race point total