Ralph Morgan, Rich Eichelberger and DougHoffman Win Williams Grove Speedway Features

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Mechanicsburg,PA. September 12, 2015

“Idon’t like winning like this,” Ralph Morgan said moments after arriving inWilliams Grove Speedway’s victory lane. Although Gene Knaub crossed the finish line first in the 30-lap Topless30 for the Credit Connection Auto Sales 358 Late Models, Knaub’s machine didnot pass a weight check.  With Knaub’sdisqualification the victory went to Ralph Morgan.

Thespotlight was on the 358 Late Model division. The fifth edition of the Topless 30 was presented by Williams GroveSpeedway and former driver Kenny Riland. Each team removed the roof off their 358 Late Model to compete for$2,000 to win and $300 to take the green flag. Thirty-five 358 Late Model competitors were in the pits.

RalphMorgan started on the pole and sprinted into a first-lap lead ahead of GrantAdams, Randy Christine Jr., Kyle Lee, and Gene Knaub.  Morgan had a 10-length lead lost due to athird-lap caution.

Followingthe restart Gene Knaub advanced to third behind Morgan and Christine.  Ralph Morgan had an eight-length advantage onlap seven when Gene Knaub passed Randy Christine Jr. for second.  One lap later the race went under cautionconditions.

GeneKnaub struck on the restart.  Knaub wentto the outside line in turns three and four. Using the upper line Gene Knaub swept past Ralph Morgan.  Knaub held an eight-length edge before thethird caution of the event came on lap 14.

GeneKnaub, after the restart, set a blistering pace with Ralph Morgan in second andRandy Christine Jr. was third.  There wasan intense battle for fourth between Kyle Lee, D.J. Myers, Dan Zechman, RonKline, and Shaun Jones.

Knaubhad a 4.2 second lead when the final caution came during the 21stcircuit.  The yellow flag did not deterKnaub and he continued his rampage following the restart.  Gene Knaub crossed the finish line aneighth-mile ahead of Ralph Morgan, Randy Christine Jr., Kyle Lee, and DanZechman.

Followingthe race each car went to the scale for a check of weight.  The speedway technical crew weighed GeneKnaub’s No. 1 three times but his car was nine pounds light. With Knaub’sdisqualification the victory went to Mt. Union’s Ralph Morgan.  Randy Christine Jr., Kyle Lee, Dan Zechman,and Shaun Jones completed the top five. The victory by Morgan is his first at Williams Grove Speedway making himthe 41st driver to win in the division’s history.

Sixteen-yearold Kyle Lee had fast time at 20.526 and received $200 from Miller’s RacingParts. The Jacobson and Julius Law Firm heat wins went to Knaub, Adams, Lee,and Matt Nailor. Bobby Beard was the victorin the B-Main.  Justin Weaver won theAppalachian Speedweeks Hard Charger award.

SteveFannasy, driving his brother Jay’s car, and Rich Eichelberger started in thefront row for the 20-lap Blazer’s Body Shop Super Sportsman main event.  By the completion of lap one Eichelberger wasin front with Fannasy, Russ Mitten, Doug Dodson, and Mike Enders in pursuit.

RichEichelberger had a 10-length lead when the event’s only caution occurred on lapseven. Eichelberger continued his rapidpace with Steve Fannasy in second and Russ Mitten was third. Chad Trout charged into fourth with DougDodson in fifth.

ChadTrout disposed of Steve Fannasy and challenged Russ Mitten for second.  Trout made several bids for second withMitten denying each attempt.

Theduo of Mitten and Trout began to narrow Rich Eichelberger’s 12-length lead.  Eichelberger encountered slower traffic inthe final five laps and his lead continued to shrink.

RichEichelberger, from York Springs, was supreme on this evening and crossed thefinish line six-lengths ahead of Russ Mitten and Chad Trout.  Steve Fannasy was fourth with Doug Dobson infifth. The victory for the 65-year old driver is his 11th with theSaturday Night Series tying him for third on the series’ win list.  Eichelberger has 20 career victories atWilliams Grove which is second on the all-time winner’s list.

Mitten,Jay Fannasy and Scott Dellinger won the qualifiers for the 22-car field.

DougHoffman started on the inside of the front row in the 15-lap Aquafun PoolsStreet Stock feature.  After a lap-tworestart Hoffman was in front with Chris Heller, Wayne Dutterer, Jeff Haag, andKevin Sigler close behind.

Bythe completion of lap five Jeff Haag, the leading 2015 Street Stock featurewinner, was in second.  In the seventhcircuit Haag made contact with the rear of Hoffman’s Camaro entering turnone.  Hoffman slid up the track and JeffHaag became the new leader.

JeffHaag maintained a four-car length edge over Doug Hoffman.  Chris Heller, Kevin Sigler and Sean Dawsonwere battling for third.

Threelaps from the finish fluid came out of leader Haag’s Camaro as he entered turnthree.  Jeff Haag spun in the fluidcreating a caution.  During the cautionperiod Haag retired to the pits.

DougHoffman was the new leader.  Throughoutthe final three laps Hoffman, Chris Heller and Dean Dawson were in a tightcompetition for first.  On the final lapHeller went to the bottom lane in turns three and four.  Hoffman and Heller exited turn foureven.  Doug Hoffman, from Mechanicsburg,crossed the finish line one length ahead of Heller. Sean Dawson, Jasen Geesamanand Mike Buckley completed the top five.

DougHoffman’s victory is his 12th with the Saturday Night Series.  He is in a three-way tie for second on theall-time wins list.

Preliminariesfor the 20 entries went to Kory Sites and Chris Derr.

Thisis the final event of the 2015 Saturday Night Series.  A big thank you goes out to everyone fortheir support during the year.  For moreinformation on Williams Grove Speedway events please visit the speedway webpage at www.williamsgrove.comor the speedway Facebook page.