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Friday, September 11, 2015 – No Racing

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Sunday, September 13, 2015 – Poker Series Hand #5 – 270cc & 600cc Micro Sprints, Slingshots, 4 Cylinder Enduros & Stage 1 Modifieds – Racing at5:30pm

Friday, September 18, 2015 –  Final Night of Points on the Quarter Mile – 270cc & 600cc Micro Sprints, 4 & 8 Cylinder Endruos, Racing at 8pm

Saturday, September 19, 2015 – No Racing

Friday, September 25, 2015 – FINAL NIGHT of POINTS – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman & Outlaw Stocks – Racing at 7:30

Saturday, September 26, 2015 – ROMP IN THE SWAMP – $10,000 to Win, Open Modifieds on the Quarter Mile & 600 Micros, Racing at 8pm

                                    LAUBACH RETURNS TO BRIDGEPORT VICTORY LANE

                    Visconti, Ludwig and Wills, Jr. Pick up Wins in Crate/Sportsman & Outlaw Stocks

     Team effort got 2012 Bridgeport Champion, Rick Laubach back on track as the Hellertown, PA driver picked up his fifth win of the 2015 season in Bridgeport;s spirit Auto Center Big Block Modified action.  After making his return to racing this season, Pete Visconti earned his first feature event of the season with a late race pass for the lead in the Stewart Stainless Crate/Sportsman Feature event.  Brian Ludwig and Tom Wills, Jr. added to their win totals as they each won one of the PennCo Tech Twin 12s for the Outlaw Stocks on Saturday night.

     Laubach picked up the twenty-five lap Big Block Modified win while behind the wheel of the Spotts & Fellin owned No. 91 Small Block Modified while he begins preparation for the final race on the Moody Mile with the Gary & Lori Hermann owned, Blinderman & Son sponsored No. 7. 

     Jimmy Chester took the lead on the initial lap of the Big Block Feature before two-time feature winner, David Hunt charged into the lead on lap two as he and Chester battled down the backstretch.  Laubach moved up to second on lap four but Hunt had already pulled away from the field.

     Little by little, Laubach closed in on the leader and held the advantage over Hunt as the leaders raced across the line to complete lap ten.  Laubach drove away from the competition as he led Hunt, point leader, Jamie Mills, Tommy Beamer and Bob Sarkisian at half way. 

     Mills took over second on lap sixteen, setting up a side by side restart with Laubach when Wade Hendrickson came to a stop in turn four on lap eighteen.  Laubach’s small block against Mills’ big block was up to the task as Laubach not only held the lead but put several car lengths between himself and the challenger.  Jordan Watson was on the move on the high, outside and challenging Mills in the final laps.

     Laubach drove to the win followed by Mills.  Watson’s late race charge on the outside got him to third at the checkered followed by Beamer and Hunt. 

     Bobby Lilick raced into the lead of the Crate/Sportsman feature on lap two and then led a three way race for the win in the closing laps as Jim Britt and Pete Visconti challenged for the lead.  With three laps to go, David Jenkins drew a yellow flag that set up a single file restart with Lilick, Britt and Visconti.  With Britt on the inside, Visconti took the Weber No. L640 to the outside and moved into second and then the lead on the final lap.  It was Visconti’s first win of the season.  Lilick finished second followed by point leader, Pat Wall.  Britt and CJ Jones rounded out the top five.

     Brian Ludwig and Tom Wills, Jr. picked up wins in the Twin 12 lap feature events for the Outlaw stocks.  Ludwig held off the challenges of TJ Henry and then Jimmy Avery to pick up his second win of the season and end a streak of runner-up finishes.  Rick Broschard, Terry Griffin and Wills, Jr. rounded out the top five in the first event.

     In the second twelve lap feature, Jeramy Doerr dominated the race with a back-up car when mechanical woes sidelined his usual No. 3D.  Wills, Jr. moved into second, ahead of Tom Wills, Sr. with just two laps to go.  Doerr crossed the finish line first but was later disqualified when he failed post-race tech.  Wills, Jr. got his third win of the season followed by Wills, Sr., Ludwig and Broschard.

     Bridgeport Speedway will be idle next Friday and Saturday night but action returns to the quarter mile onSunday, September 13th for the final hand of the Poker Series.  Racing gets underway at 5:30.


1. Rick Laubach, 2. Jamie Mills, 3. Jordan Watson, 4. Tommy Beamer, 5. David Hunt, 6. Sam Martz, 7. Bob Sarkisian, 8. Mike Franz, 9. Jimmy Chester, 10. Corey Anderson, 11. Richie Pratt, Jr., 12. Jack Swain, 13. Ron Roberts, 14. Wade Hendrickson, 15. Howard O’Neal, 16. John Miloczar, 17. Jesse Hill, 18. Dave Shirk, 19. Ed Firth, 20. Bobby Firth, 21. Tom Maccherone


1. Pete Visconti, 2. Bob Lilick, 3. Pat Wall, 4. Jim Britt, 5. CJ Jones, 6. Dave Damiano, 7. Gary Hieber, Jr., 8. David Crossman, 9. Jeremy Harrington, 10. Steve Kemery, 11. Connor King, 12. Brian Lilick, 13. Chuck Potts, 14. David Jenkins, 15. Melissa Scarpati, 16. Scott Hulmes, 17. Tom Holding, 18. Pete Serra, 19. Jeff Sargent


1. Brian Ludwig, 2. Jimmy Avery, 3. Rick Broschard, 4. Terry Griffin, 5. Tom Wills, Jr. 6. Tom Wills, Sr., 7. Joe Meron, 8. Jeramy Doerr, 9. Kenny Watson, 10. Fred Tomarchio, 11. Pete Ellis, 12. Doug Debray, 13. Mike Vanimen, 14. David Kramer, 15. Art Avery, 16. TJ Henry, 17. Ken Moren, 18. Ed Bischoff


1. Tom Wills, Jr., 2. Tom Wills, Sr., 3. Brian Ludwig, 4. Rick Broschard, 5. Joe Meron, 6. Jimmy Avery, 7. Kenny Watson, 8. Pete Ellis, 9. Fred Tomarchio, 10. David Kramer, 11. Art Avery, 12. James Rader, 13. Ed Bischoff, 14. Doug Debray, 15. Terry Griffin