Roller Coaster Ride for Myers, Ward at Bowman Gray

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Bowman Gray Stadium, Winston-Salem, NC) Bowman Gray Stadium celebrated its historic 1000th event on Saturday, and it was fitting for the checkered that night to belong to Burt Myers – a man whose family has been active competitors at the
Stadium since its early days. But the night certainly had its ups and downs for Myers.
After qualifying a disappointing 12th, Burt Myers of Walnut Cove knew he would have his work cut out for him.
“I screwed up qualifying. I put us in this hole,” said Myers. “I joked with my guys. They said, ‘What are you doing qualifiying 12th?’ I said that it wouldn’t be any fun to just get out front. Let’s make it exciting.”
With the top six qualifiers drawing for starting position, Robert Jeffreys of Winston-Salem drew the pole for his start, with fastest qualifier Brad Robbins of Winston-Salem starting on the outside front row.
Jason Myers of Walnut Cove used some early cautions and the double-file restart cone to make his way up from third to the lead. Tim Brown of Tobaccoville moved to the outside for several restarts, but Jason Myers held strong.MyersWC
Through it all, Burt Myers was battling his way forward, eventually making his way up to second right behind younger brother Jason. “You can have a great car and be a great driver, but you’ve got to have a little luck on these cone races. And
every line fell the right way for us tonight, and the cautions fell to where we could get to where we needed to be,” said Burt Myers.
But brother Burt was having a tough time shaking Jason – that is, until they approached lapped traffic with just five laps to go. Jason Myers stayed on the bumper of the lapped car, slowing him down and allowing Burt Myers to pull up beside
him. The #1 car of Burt Myers was ahead of Jason by a nose when the caution came out, awarding the lead to Burt.
Jason Myers said that inconsistent behavior from the lapped traffic led to the situation. “I stayed behind him knowing he was going to go – and when we got up off of four he never picked the throttle up. He just stayed out of the gas,” said
Jason Myers. “That’s the first time I’ve ever spun anybody out not mashing the gas in my car. I started going and couldn’t get off of him because he just wasn’t going.”
Burt Myers then held on for the remainder of the race to grab the win. Jason Myers finished second, with Tim Brown taking third.
The “Madhouse Scramble” put Dean Ward of Winston-Salem on the pole for the start of the second race. Ward was determined to win the 50-lapper in honor of his brother, who is recovering in the hospital after a bad motorcycle accident.
Ward was hammered from behind by Joe Ryan Osborne of Kannapolis, leading to an early caution as the two tangled and the field banged into each other behind them. Ward then held off Chris Fleming of Mount Airy, Ronnie Clifton of
Walkertown, and Jason Myers.
Towards the end of the race, though, Ward noticeably fell off the pace, allowing Jason Myers to repeatedly tap Ward’s bumper. But through it all, Ward drove like a man on a mission to stay in the lead and take the win.
WardWC    “We had a really good car at the start, but something broke in the rear end about 15 or so to go – and it got very free,” said Ward, who was emotional to grab a win for his brother. “All I can think about is my brother in the hospital right now.
To be honest that’s what was in my mind the whole race.”
In the Farm Bureau Insurance Sportsman Series, Robbie Brewer of Winston-Salem put the pedal to the metal to defend the lead against Derek Stoltz of Walkertown and take the checkered for the first 20-lapper. Zack Clifton of Walkertown
climbed forward to win in the second race.
Austin Edwards of Winston-Salem won in a wreck-filled race for the Q104.1 New Country Street Stock Series – his first win ever. A.J. Sanders of Mocksville and A.J. Quakenbush of Kernersville each took the checkered for the McDowell
Heating and Air Stadium Stock Series.

Race Results

Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series
1st Modified Race: 50 laps

1       1       Burt Myers      Walnut Cove, NC
2       4       Jason Myers     Walnut Cove, NC
3       83      Tim Brown       Tobaccoville, NC
4       77      Lee Jeffreys    Winston-Salem, NC
5       27      Jonathan Brown  Winston-Salem, NC
6       13      Chris Fleming   Mount Airy, NC
7       5       Randy Butner    Pfafftown, NC
8       66      Ronnie Clifton  Walkertown, NC
9       2       Joseph Brown    Lewisville, NC
10      12      Mike Norman     Lewisville, NC
11      69      Junior Miller   Winston-Salem, NC
12      75      Robert Jeffreys Winston-Salem, NC
13      44      Daniel Beeson   Kernersville, NC
14      16      William Smith   Mount Airy, NC
15      21      Joe Ryan Osborne        Kannapolis,NC
16      71      Dean Ward       Winston-Salem, NC
17      92      Brody Jones     Statesville, NC
18      18      Daniel Yates    Winston-Salem, NC
19      48      Brad Robbins    Winston-Salem, NC
20      3       Danny Propst    Waxhaw, NC
21      14      Jason Tutterow  Winston-Salem, NC
22      53      John Smith      Mount Airy, NC

2nd Modified Race: 50 laps

1       71      Dean Ward       Winston-Salem, NC
2       4       Jason Myers     Walnut Cove, NC
3       21      Joe Ryan Osborne        Kannapolis,NC
4       77      Lee Jeffreys    Winston-Salem, NC
5       13      Chris Fleming   Mount Airy, NC
6       83      Tim Brown       Tobaccoville, NC
7       27      Jonathan Brown  Winston-Salem, NC
8       2       Joseph Brown    Lewisville, NC
9       44      Daniel Beeson   Kernersville, NC
10      12      Mike Norman     Lewisville, NC
11      16      William Smith   Mount Airy, NC
12      66      Ronnie Clifton  Walkertown, NC
13      1       Burt Myers      Walnut Cove, NC
14      18      Daniel Yates    Winston-Salem, NC
15      53      John Smith      Mount Airy, NC
16      5       Randy Butner    Pfafftown, NC
17      3       Danny Propst    Waxhaw, NC
18      69      Junior Miller   Winston-Salem, NC
19      75      Robert Jeffreys Winston-Salem, NC

Farm Bureau Insurance Sportsman Series
1st Sportsman race: 20 laps

1       68      Robbie Brewer   Winston-Salem, NC
2       02      Derek Stoltz    Walkertown, NC
3       19      Michael Adams   Yadkinville, NC
4       4       John Holleman   Winston-Salem, NC
5       9       David Adams     Yadkinville, NC
6       40      Jordan Fleming  Mount Airy, NC
7       81      Zack Clifton    Walkertown, NC
8       21      Tommy Neal      Rural Hall, NC
9       13      Chase Hunt      Lexington, NC
10      86      Taylor Branch   Lewisville, NC
11      28      Billy Gregg     Lexington, NC
12      3       Jeff Garrison   Arcadia, NC
13      51      Rob Knabel      Tobaccoville, NC
14      41      Frank Fritts    Winston-Salem, NC
15      70      Ryan Nelson     Kernersville, NC
16      14      Steve Holleman  Winston-Salem, NC
17      12      Justin Taylor   King, NC
18      38      Mitch Gales     Thomasville,NC
19      00      Dallas Butner   Winston-Salem, NC
20      55      Zack Ore        Winston-Salem, NC
21      47      Chris Miller    Winston-Salem, NC
22      8       Dean Blevins    Kernersville, NC

2nd Sportsman race: 20 laps

1       81      Zack Clifton    Walkertown, NC
2       13      Chase Hunt      Lexington, NC
3       86      Taylor Branch   Lewisville, NC
4       21      Tommy Neal      Rural Hall, NC
5       68      Robbie Brewer   Winston-Salem, NC
6       28      Billy Gregg     Lexington, NC
7       3       Jeff Garrison   Arcadia, NC
8       70      Ryan Nelson     Kernersville, NC
9       4       John Holleman   Winston-Salem, NC
10      12      Justin Taylor   King, NC
11      38      Mitch Gales     Thomasville,NC
12      51      Rob Knabel      Tobaccoville, NC
13      41      Frank Fritts    Winston-Salem, NC
14      00      Dallas Butner   Winston-Salem, NC
15      19      Michael Adams   Yadkinville, NC
16      40      Jordan Fleming  Mount Airy, NC
17      02      Derek Stoltz    Walkertown, NC
18      9       David Adams     Yadkinville, NC

Q104.1 New Country Street Stock Series
Street Stock Race: 14 of 20 laps completed (race ended early due to time limit)

1       50      Austin Edwards  Winston-Salem, NC
2       97      Jeremy Warren   Winston-Salem, NC
3       52      Fletcher Whaley Advance, NC
4       14      Aaron Hylton    Kernersville, NC
5       7       Jamie Byrd      Mount Airy, NC
6       20      Derrick Rice    Kernersville, NC
7       40      Taylor Robbins  Winston-Salem, NC
8       4       Steven Berrier  Germanton, NC
9       1       Jasper Sumner   Trinity, NC
10      01      Trey Phelps     Winston-Salem, NC
11      09      David Creed     Ararat, NC
12      69      Gerald Robertson Jr     Winston-Salem, NC
13      30      Blake Shupe     Mount Airy, NC
14      24      Chris Thomas    Yadkinville, NC
15      49      Phillip Jones   Lexington, NC
16      2       Willie Wall     Lexington, NC
17      22      Brian Wall      Winston-Salem, NC
18      13      Kevin Gilbert   Mocksville, NC
19      39      Chris Hoofs     Mocksville, NC
20      66      Nick Brill      Winston-Salem, NC
21      10      Zach Linville   Kernersville, NC

McDowell Heating & Air Stadium Stock Series
Stadium Stock “A” Race: 15 laps

1       24      A.J. Sanders    Mocksville, NC
2       81      Chuck Wall      Lexington, NC
3       02      Wesley Thompson Advance, NC
4       16      Stephen Sanders Midway, NC
5       40      Brandon Brendle Winston-Salem, NC
6       97      Bryan Sykes     Lexington, NC
7       80      Mark Smith      Advance, NC
8       48      Junior Smith    Lexington, NC
9       76      Billy Cameron Jr        Salisbury, NC
10      10      David Hopkins   Winston-Salem, NC
11      19      Jeremy Stainback        Winston-Salem, NC
12      55      Tyler Burke     Midway. NC
13      8       Shane Southard  Yadkinville, NC
14      7       Chris Allison   Mocksville, NC
15      6       Dale Patterson  Winston-Salem, NC
16      62      Kevin Hedgecock Thomasville, NC

‘Stadium Stock “B” Race: 15 laps

1       11      A.J. Quakenbush Kernersville, NC
2       31      Zack Staley     Lexington, NC
3       4       Andrew Sanders  Mocksville, NC
4       50      Jimmy Walker    Winston-Salem, NC
5       17      Andy Southern   Winston-Salem, NC
6       29      Cody Arrington  Mount Airy, NC
7       57      Ray Heath       Winston-Salem, NC
8       09      Tim Evans       Clemmons, NC
9       68      Tyler Bush      Clemmons, NC
10      2       Michael Bennett Pinnacle, NC
11      25      Pete Harris     Winston-Salem, NC
12      99      Dustin McClure  Mooresville, NC
13      9       Robbie Shrewsbury       Walnut Cove, NC
14      06      Derek Sheets    Walkertown, NC
15      44      Tim Giesen      Mocksville, NC