Big News Big Money Coming Out of XCEL Chassis 600 Modified for 2015

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XCEL 600

If Mother Nature would start playing nice the Xcel Chassis 600 Modifieds will have a banner year. Doug Borger, series founder and promoter, is pleased to announce 15 events that will have a total purse of $60,000.

Over the weekend, the plans were finalized with the tracks and the dates have been confirmed. New Egypt Speedway has been added to the schedule for October 31st. It will be one of the tracks hosting a big money show. Bridgeport Speedway will host the first big money show April 19th and will be the first time the mighty Modifieds hit the track .  Big Diamond will have a May 5th date along with the September 6th Coal Cracker Weekend. Thunder Mountain will have three double weekends May 2nd and 3rd, June 27th and 28th, with the month of September 12th and 13th . Historic Lincoln Speedway will host a big money show on July 4th.  I- 88 Speedway will host three shows on July 22nd, October 9th and 10th. Lindas Speedway will also host a big money event on September 19th.

The winners of the races will bring home a $1000 or more payday and an increased purse will be paid to the field. Doug Borger explained” I appreciate every car in crew that comes to race so I wanted to not only recognize the winner but also the 25 car field. What is new for 2015 is that when the tour runs at Thunder Mountain, I-88 or Lindas Speedways, the drivers that run there weekly, will also be given home track points  if they run the tour race.

The winter months were busy at the Xcel Chassis shop with the announcement of an Xcel Chassis/Brett Deyo mini series.”Brett and I started talking about doing a mini series to correspond with his Short Track Super Series and it came together along with two new weekly tracks in upstate New York. Fifteen cars were ordered, with the majority coming from upstate New York, I realized we needed to move to bigger and better venues for 2015.” stated Borger.

One of the first calls Xcel Chassis founder, Doug Borger, made was to Karl Spoonhower ,who returned to Thunder Mountain Speedway last year, after their conversation it was confirmed to add Thunder Mountain Speedway as a Saturday night home track . The next phone call was then made was to Jamie Paige of I-88 Speedway, which is located about half hour from Thunder Mountain, and runs on Friday nights .The Paige family runs one of the best tracks on Friday nights . The Spoonhowers and their crew have brought back Thunder Mountain Speedway to all its glory. Both venues offer racing at it’s best not only for the drivers but the fans as well.

History and racing go hand in hand every week and every year. The return of the Xcel Chassis 600 modifieds to Lincoln Speedway, located in Abbottstown Pennsylvania, has the drivers and owners already thinking of putting together a new body since aerodynamics plays a big part . Lincoln Speedway, with all its history, is on a driver’s bucket list to run at in and more important to wave the checkered flag.

When the schedule was released in early January, phone calls were made to put drivers in cars for the Xcel Chassis/Brett Deyo mini series. Tim Van Horn, a long time driver with Xcel Chassis gave his cousin Dave Van Horn Jr. a call. Dave has agreed to run the 08v for the miniseries . He looks forward to running a 600 modified, for the first time, starting at Bridgeport on April 19th. This will be the first time the cousins, Tim and David, run against each other for a win. Could it be the big block modified veteran or  the Xcel Chassis 600 modified veteran.

Chris Maby, owner of the 56k of Kam Maby, set into motion to bring awareness to the MDA foundation. A phone call has Mike Mahaney, who is also a big block modified driver, and runs both Thunder Mountain and I 88 Speedway running the #33  to add to the team. Chris talked of the 2015 plans. “I wanted to give back to the MDA foundation and also have someone mentor my son on and off the field. Mike brings it all to the table and even agreed to spend the day in jail with myself and Kim to raise money for MDA . We will be running for points at I-88 and Thunder Mountain, along with the mini series, with a car sporting the MDA logo for 2015.”

Doug Borger would also like to welcome aboard Bob Fisher Chevrolet, located in Reading Pennsylvania, as the title sponsor for the 600 sportsman modified running at Shellhammers Speedway on Saturday nights. The sportsman modified have the same specs as a modified. The difference between the cars will be a Xcel Chassis  issued restrictor plate.

Shellhammers Speedway gives a young racer or someone, who’s looking to get into racing, by being a driver or owner . The transition is effortless when they decide to move up to the modified program . All that needs to be done is to remove the restrictor plate out and you now have a competitive if not winning modified in the garage . There are two teams that will be racing on Friday nights at Linda’s and then racing Shellhammers on Saturday night with the same car in two different divisions.

New weekly tracks, new division, and a total of over 130 races being scheduled  has Doug Borger expecting a breakout year for the 600 modifieds. You can keep up with all the latest information and announcements at their website which is

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