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Story By: Paul Szmal/Outlaw Speedway

Photos By: Mark Ranalletta/

DUNDEE, NY…..The second day of the Fall Nations at Outlaw Speedway again brought warm, sunny weather and a full pit

area, headlined by the Friendly Dodge Outlaw Modifieds running the ‘Gunslinger 50’, part of the Insinger

Performance/Sunoco Race Fuels series of events at the facility.

The 50-lap Friendly Dodge Outlaw Modified feature saw Alan Johnson and Steve Paine move to the front and battle for the

lead in the opening laps as Andy Bachetti was coming up from his 13th starting spot into the top five. As Johnson and Paine

separated fro the field, Derrick Posiadlo and Tyler Siri fought for the third spot. Bachetti and Kyle Coffey closed in on that

battle as the leaders started working through lapped traffic. Paine got by Johnson for the lead on a lap 35 restart and Bachetti

moved past Siri for third. Paine pulled away in the remaining laps to take the win over Johnson, Bachetti, Donnie Lawson,

and Tyler Siri, who crossed the line with a flat left rear tire.

Friendly Dodge Outlaw Modified heats were won by Alan Johnson, Andy Bachetti, and Kyle Coffey. The consi was

captured by Brent Ayers. Derrick Podsiadlo won the 15-lap Gunslinger Dash, picking up a $500 payday.

Corey Cormier outdragged Dillon Zacharias for the lead at the start of the 25-lap American Racer Tire GRIT Crate

Sportsman feature. Dave Marcuccilli moved to second on lap 4 and battled Cormier for the lead, taking the top spot on lap

11. Marcuccilli was able to fight his way through traffic in the middle stages of the race as Zacharias and Kenny Hammond

closed in on Cormier in traffic to battle him for second spot. Tom Collins Jr made a late race surge into the top five as

Marcuccilli cruised to the win, followed by Cormier, Collins, Zacharias, and Hammond.

American Racer Tire GRIT Crate Sportsman heats were won by Matt Cole, Corey Cormier, Kenny Hammond, and Dale

Welty. The consis were won by TJ Frost and Garrett Rushlow.

There was also an Open Sportsman Shootout event as part of the Fall Nationals. Dave Marcuccilli shot into the lead at the

start of the 20-lap event and gapped out on Tom Collins Jr and Billy Shantel. Shantel fell into a battle with Kevin Jordan and

Brian Fish as Marcuccilli was able to take his second win of the day. Collins Jr, Shantel, Kevin Jordan, and Brian Fish

rounded out the top five.

Open Sportsman Shootout heats were won by Nick Guererri and Tommy Collins Jr.

In the 20-lap Crate Late Model feature, Jeremy Wonderling shot out to the lead from the pole and Jason Knowles grabbed

second on lap 3 and started chasing after the leader, but his race ended when he stopped in turn one on lap 5. After a couple

of restarts, Wondering and Bryce Davis traded slide jobs for the lead, with Davis emerging on top at halfway. Davis was able

to pull away in the second half of the race as Jason McGregor, Brian Knowles, TJ Downs, and John Waters waged a torrid

battle for fifth. At the finish, Davis took the win over Wonderling as Wayne Robertson spun out of third place on the final turn.

Brian Knowles, John Waters, and Alan Chapman completed the top five.

Crate Late Model heats were won by Jeremy Wonderling and Jason Knowles.

The 20-lap IMCA Modified Empire State Series feature began with Beau Ballard and Brad Smith racing side by side for the

lead as the top six all ran tightly together. As the top six shuffled the deck, Jake Maynard had trouble in turn four on lap 6,

which brought out the first yellow. Richard Michael Jr worked his way to second after the restart and passed leader Brad

Sites for the top spot on lap 11. Michael Jr held off Sites on some late race restarts to take the win, followed by Will Ward,

Ken Buck, and Brad Smith.

IMCA Modified Empire State Series heats were won by Jake Maynard, Rich Michael Jr, and Beau Ballard.

In the 600c Micro Sprint feature, Garret Bard took the lead as Tyler Walker came from his 8th starting spot to second in the

first two laps. Bard and Walker distanced themselves from the field as MIckey Ciliberto moved into third. Bard hit lapped

traffic at the halfway point but maintained his advantage until Ivan Forrey’s car came to a stop with five laps to go, setting up a

restart. Bard jetted away at the front of the field as Walker fell back on the restart and took the win over Eric Wise, Matt

Smith, Brandon Oddo, and Ciliberto.

600cc Micro Sprint heats were won by Garrett Bard, Tyler Walker, and Ivan Forrey.

The TUSA Mod Lites had two feature events, the first being the held over race from Friday night Brandon Shaw held the

early lead in the event, but the top five were all battling side by side with Jeff May, Nick Sapp, Mike Mullen, and Paul Kalger

all in the mix for the lead. Klager emerged with the top spot at halfway and he pulled away to a commanding win over

Mullen, Shaw, Chris Robinson, and Sapp.

The regularly scheduled TUSA Mod Lite event saw Klager grab the lead on lap 2 and cruised to a comfortable win to sweep

the day’s features for the class. Nick Sapp, Jeff May, Keith Smith, and Brian Meyers rounded out the top five.

TUSA Mod Lite heats were won by Nick Sapp and Paul Klager.

The 4 Cylinders also did double duty on the day, beginning with their held over feature from Friday night. Ray Hyer jumped

out to the early lead, but Brad Sheppard grabbed the top spot on a lap 5 restart. Eric Boozer moved into second on lap 8

and challenged leader Sheppard during several mid race restarts. Boozer captured the lead on a lap 11 restart and pulled

away for the win over Sheppard, Chris Leone, Phil Desormeau, and Cody Baker.

In the regularly scheduled 4 Cylinder feature, Quinn Wallis led the first three laps until James Kreidler III took over the point.

Ray Hyer moved into second while Phil Desormeau and Dante Mancuso fought with Cody Baker and Brad Sheppard for

third. As Kreidler and Hyer fought for the lead at halfway, Baker and Sheppard moved past Desormeau, who broke down in

turn four. Kreidler’s race ended on lap 15 when he lost the right rear tire. Baker, Hyerr, and Sheppard had a great battle to

the finish, with Hyer taking the win over Baker, Sheppard, Eric Boozer, and Chris Woodard.

4 Cylinder heats were won by Cody Baker, James Kreidler III, Ray Hyer, and Brad Sheppard.

Outlaw Speedway finishes the season with the Dutch Hoag Memorial Triple 7 Weekend on October 20th and 21st. For

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Tyler Siri, Derrick Podsiadlo, Kyle Coffey, Brady Fultz, Eldon Payne Jr, Cory Costa, Justin Wright, Rich Rickner, Bill Shantel

Sr, Brent Ayers, Dillon Groover, Eric Fisher, Mike Ward, Ken Titus, Steve Davis, Nick Nye, Dale Welty, Ray Bliss Sr, Jim

LaRock, Stacey Jackson.


Dillon Zacharias, Kenny Hammond, Stacey Jackson, Karl Comfort, Matt Cole, Dale Welty, Donnie Lawson, Ray Bliss, Brett

Buono, Mike Buchanan, Dustin Jordan, Eric Williams, Garrett Rushlow, Brian Fish, Pat Jordan, Chris Fisher, Matt Brewer,

TJ Frost, Doug Smith, Frank Guererri Jr, Nick Guererri.


Brian Fish, Dale Welty, Phil Vigneri, Chad Ray, Bob Buono, Travis Smith, Chris Jordan, Mike Buchanan, Craig Pope, Dan

Bunman, Nick Guererri, Nichole Hoag (DNS).

CRATE LATE MODEL FEATURE-BRYCE DAVIS, Jeremy Wonderling, Brian Knowles, John Waters, Alan Chapman,

Jason McGregor, Kyle Murray, Steve LaBarron, Darrin Horton, Brad Smith, Billy Dubois, Wayne Robertson, TJ Downs,

Jason Knowles.


Smith, Mike Stoddard, Gary Roberts, Keith Lamphere, Jake Karlnoski, Logan Terry, Tyler Stoddard, Beau Ballard, Gavin

Hunyady, Billy Ward, Dan Searles, Scott Sebring, Rich Karlnoski, JW Lamphere, Craig Smith, Tony Harris, Jake Maynard,

Jeff Austin (DNS).

600CC MICRO SPRINT FEATURE-GARRETT BARD, Eric Wise, Matt Smith, Brandon Oddo, Mickey Ciliberto, Tyler

Walker, Charles Hart, Jordan Noody, Alex Troutman, Wyatt Walker, Mark Sabino, Shelby Ogozaly, Hank Stanhope, Lisa

Kratzer, Ivan Forrey, Mike Groff, Danny Knoll Jr, Gary Kratzer.

TUSA MOD LITES FEATURE (held over from 9/22)-PAUL KLAGER, Mike Mullen, Brandon Shaw, Chris Robinson,

Nick Sapp, Chris Steele, Jeff May, Harley Brown, Keith Smith, Tom Mackey (DNS).

TUSA MOD LITES FEATURE-PAUL KLAGER, Nick Sapp, Jeff May, Keith Smith, Brian Meyers, Mike Mullen, Chris

Steele, Chris Robinson, Brandon Shaw, Tyler Wink, Harley Brown.

4 CYLINDER FEATURE (held over from 9/22)-ERIC BOOZER, Brad Sheppard, Chris Leone, Phil Desormeau, Cody

Baker, Chris Woodard, Scott Lehman, Derrick Puryear, Scott Lehman Jr, Chuck Cala, Rich Wagner Jr, Erica Bell, Mike

Stone, Jeremy Warren, Ray Hyer, Craig Mahrt, Dante Mancuso, Nate Powers, Teddy Morseman Jr (DNS), Bruce Kinner

(DNS), Jimmy Di Fulvio (DNS), Dan Smart (DNS), Dave Kinner (DNS), Nick Brown (DNS), Bob Schultz (DNS).

4 CYLINDER FEATURE-RAY HYER, Cody Baker, Brad Sheppard, Eric Boozer, Chris Woodard, Dante Mancuso, Scott

Lehman, Mike Stone, Dakota Button, Quinn Wallis, ShiAnn LaBar, Derrick Puryear, Chuck Cala, Chris Force, Phil

Desormeau, James Kreidler III, Nate Powers, Phil Burns, Ricky Weaver Jr, Richard Wagner Jr, Chris Leone, Scott Lehman

Jr, Jeremy Warren, Jamie Radley, Craig Mahrt, Erica Bell (DNS), Tony Kuleza (DNS).