Logan Seavey Scores Two Big Wins in USAC Eastern Storm Action. Anthony Macri Continues Winning Ways in Winged Sprint Car Competition

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Logan Seavey Scores Two Big Wins in USAC Eastern Storm Action. Anthony Macri Continues Winning Ways in Winged Sprint Car Competition

By Justin Snyder

Port Royal Speedway- PORT ROYAL, PA-  (June 19, 2022)- Logan Seavey made history at the Port Royal Speedway as he swept the evening by picking up the win in both the USAC Racing AMSOIL INC. Sprint Car National Championship and USAC Silver Crown portions of the 2022 Eastern Storm event Saturday night.

The victories came in Seavey’s first career visit to the Juniata County oval and was worth a combined $14,000 for the Sutter, California native.

A pair of wingless rookies in Briggs Danner and Emerson Axsom lined up on the front row for the USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Series A-main event and it was Danner getting the early jump on the field to lead the opening lap.

Sixth-place starter and the night’s quick time award winner, CJ Leary, jumped to the runner-up spot on the second lap and he would take the lead from Danner after three laps completed when Danner came to a slow on the backstretch while leading.

Danner rejoined the field and it was Leary leading the field back to the green-flag while Brady Bacon and Axsom battled it out for the runner-up spot behind him. Axsom wrangled the second position away from Bacon on lap five, while Seavey was making his presence known as he moved into the fourth position on lap six.

Axsom powered by Leary for the top spot on lap six as well, but a right rear flat tire for Justin Grant halted the action with 24 to go before Leary could try and get the spot back. Grant would rejoin the field as well.

Bacon got by Leary for the runner-up spot on the restart, while Seavey continued his march forward as he took third on the following lap. Bacon was all over Axsom for the lead at the 10-lap mark, but two laps later he gave up the runner-up spot to Seavey.
Jake Swanson threw his hat into the mix as he moved to fourth on lap 14, while a hard charging Grant cracked the top ten again after tagging the rear of the field at the halfway mark.

One lap later, Seavey made a move on Axsom to take the top spot away and one lap later Bacon moved by Axsom for the runner-up spot as well. 16th-place starter Alex Bright was on the move as he cracked the podium with 12 laps remaining and one lap later he dispatched of Bacon for second.

While Seavey was running away from Bright up front, all eyes were on Grant as he cracked the top five with nine laps remaining. Ahead of him saw Bacon and Axsom waging a war for the final podium position, with Bacon taking the spot for good with four laps to go.
This allowed Grant to capitalize as he got around Axsom for the fourth position. However, nobody had anything for Leary as he cruised around the top of the Speedway for the $6000 win at the checkered flag over Bright.

Grant got by Bacon for the third position coming to the checkered flag while Axsom rounded out the top five.

Matt Westfall, Robert Ballou, Chase Stockon, Steven Drevicki and Danner completed the rest of the top ten.

USAC Wingless Results- 1. Logan Seavey (5), 2. Alex Bright (16), 3. Justin Grant (10), 4. Brady Bacon (3), 5. Emerson Axsom (2), 6. Matt Westfall (12), 7. Robert Ballou (9), 8. Chase Stockon (7), 9. Steven Drevicki (18), 10. Briggs Danner (1), 11. Shane Cottle (8), 12. C.J. Leary (6), 13. Brian Ruhlman (20), 14. Brandon Mattox (13), 15. Joey Amantea (15), 16. Dallas Hewitt (14), 17. Jake Swanson (4), 18. Austin Graby (21), 19. Jadon Rogers (19), 20. Mark Smith (11), 21. Charles Davis Jr. (17).

Set for 50 laps in distance, Leary and Bacon lined up on the front row for the first-ever USAC Silver Crown event held at the Speed Palace and it was Leary getting the early jump on the field.

The front five remained relatively unchanged throughout the opening 10 laps of the event, but seventh-place starter Shane Cottle changed that on lap 12 as he cracked the top five. Two laps later Bacon was in heavy pursuit of Leary and was all over the leaders tail-tank.

He used the outside of the Speedway to briefly overtake Leary for the top spot on the backstretch, but Leary was too strong in turn’s three and four and inched ahead coming to the line to regain the spot. The battle allowed Matt Westfall to join in on the fun as he closed within a carlength of the leaders as well.

Westfall got by Bacon for the second spot on the following lap and nearly overtook Leary for the lead coming to the line as well. It only took two more turns for Westfall to grab the top spot as he powered under Leary exiting turn two and three laps later Bacon cleared Leary for second as the leader hit lapped traffic for the first time.

Four laps later Cottle moved into fourth and after another four laps he got by Leary to crack the podium for the first time. The first caution of the event flew two laps later for a car slowing on the frontstretch with tire issues, which wiped out a 3.8 second advantage for Westfall up front.

Westfall remained up front following the restart over Bacon, while Seavey first made his presence known on the podium with 20 laps to go. Bacon, Seavey and Jake Swanson all put on a three-car battle for the runner up spot over the next three laps, with Seavey getting by Bacon for second with 17 laps to go.

With 10 laps to go, Seavey was all over Westfall for the top spot. Banging the outside guardrails at both ends of the Speedway, Seavey got by Westfall for the lead exiting turn two with nine laps to go.
Following a caution with seven laps remaining, Seavey had all he could handle with Westfall behind him. He barely held him off for the top spot coming to the line with six to go, but Westfall re-grabbed the lead on the following circuit.
Seavy got into the wall trying to regain the spot on the high side and had to regroup. It appeared he was setting Westfall up for a pass with two laps remaining, but his wheel cover flew off in turn one to bring out the final caution and set up a two-lap dash.

Westfall ran through the middle after the restart, with Seavy banging the board up top. Westfall held a small lead coming to the white flag, but Seavy kept banging the boards and exiting turn two he pulled ahead to grab the lead. He stayed committed to the top and held on to take the checkered flag and the $8000 prize.

USAC Silver Crown Results- 1. Logan Seavey (6), 2. Matt Westfall (4), 3. Brady Bacon (2), 4. Dallas Hewitt (11), 5. C.J. Leary (1), 6. Shane Cottle (7), 7. Shane Cockrum (10), 8. Kody Swanson (5), 9. Jason McDougal (12), 10. Carmen Perigo (19), 11. Brian Tyler (16), 12. Chase Stockon (17), 13. Brian Ruhlman (15), 14. Jimmy Light (18), 15. Austin Nemire (21), 16. Mark Smith (9), 17. Jake Swanson (3), 18. Travis Welpott (23), 19. Mark Bitner (22), 20. Mike Haggenbottom (20), 21. Tom Paterson (24), 22. Justin Grant (8), 23. Gregg Cory (14), 24. Kyle Robbins (13).

Anthony Macri continued his winning ways at the Port Royal Speedway as he held off Logan Wagner and Jeff Halligan for his sixth victory of the season at the Speed Palace.

Tyler Reeser and Tyler Bear led the field to the green flag and it was Bear leading the initial circuit before a caution flew for Blane Heimbach spinning in turn two.

Sixth-place starter Halligan moved into third on the restart, while seventh-place starter Wagner moved into fourth. Fifth-place starter Mike Wagner moved into the runner up spot in the meantime, but a caution flew for Zach Newlin with 18 to go.

Mike Wagner capitalized on the restart and he slipped under Bear for the top spot with 17 laps remaining. Another caution flew for Dylan Cisney, who got upside down briefly on the frontstretch after contact with Justin Whittall.

Halligan moved into the second spot by Bear on the restart, while Macri went from fifth to third as well. With nine laps remaining the top four were all under a blanket and Macri got by Halligan for second on the following lap.

Macri slid under Wagner for the top spot and Wagner tried to come back on the outside coming to the flagstand with six laps to go. However, Wagner ran out of room on the outside and made contact with Macri, which sent him spinning to the inside guardrail.

When the field went back to green flag action, Logan Wagner got by Halligan for the runner-up spot and attempted to slide Macri for the lead but couldn’t complete the pass. Macri went back to the high side of the track over the final five laps and went on to win easily for the $5000 prize over Wagner, Halligan, Ryan Taylor and Mike Walter II.

Whittall, Bear, Reeser, Gerard McIntyre Jr and Dan Shetler round out the top ten. Taylor earned the $500 Valley Supply Hard Charger after advancing from the 16th starting spot while Devin Adams earned the $1000 J&S Classics Warrior Award via random draw of 24.

Winged Sprint Car Results: 1. Anthony Macri. 2. Logan Wagner. 3. Jeff Halligan. 4. Ryan Taylor. 5. Michael Walter II. 6. Justin Whittall. 7. Tyler Bear. 8. Tyler Reeser. 9. Gerard McIntyre Jr. 10. Dan Shetler. 11. Ryan Smith. 12. Steve Buckwalter. 13. Blane Heimbach. 14. Trenton Sheaffer. 15. Kassidy Kreitz. 16. Brent Shearer. 17. Nick Sweigart. 18. Ryan Linder. 19. Bill Jones Jr. 20. Jon Stewart. 21. Mike Wagner. 22. Ron Aurand. 23. Dylan Cisney. 24. Devin Adams. 25. Zach Newlin.