Jimmy Phelps wins the feature And Chris Hile the Brewerton Speedway Modified Track Championship

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Jimmy Phelps wins the feature And Chris Hile the Brewerton Speedway Modified Track Championship

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BREWERTON, NY – (September 2, 2022) – Chris Hile came into Friday night with a two-point lead over Larry Wight in the final race to decide the Brewerton Speedway Modified Track Championship. 

In the 35-Lap Tracey Road DIRTcar Big Block Modified feature, the Oswego, NY racer drove most of the race with a broken front end and still managed a fifth-place finish and with it, Chris Hile’s first ever track championship at the ‘D-Shaped Dirt Demon.’ 

Feature winners on 87 Speed Championship night were, Jimmy Phelps (Modifieds) Ryan Dolbear (Sportsman) Kyle Demo (Mod Lites) Danny Varin (Empire Super Sprints). 

The Small Block Modifieds would lead the way in the 35-Lap Modified feature, with Jeff Taylor leading the opening six laps before Andrew Ferguson would blast into the lead on lap-seven. 

With ten laps showing on the scoring tower, Ferguson would lead by ten car lengths over Taylor, Sean Beardsley, Jeff Prentice with Max McLaughlin the first Big Block Modified in the top-five. 

The yellow would wave on lap eleven when Tim Sears Jr. suddenly slowed with a mechanical issue leaving Larry Wight nowhere to go, making contact. Both cars would go to the pits. What was thought as just a right rear flat on Wight’s car ended his night and a chance at the title with a broken rear end. 

Taylor would retake the lead after a lap twelve caution and restart. 

The whole complexion of the race would change on lap-eighteen when leader Taylor spun in front of the whole field in turn four. Second place Jimmy Phelps and third place McLaughlin both made contact with Taylor. Phelps was able to keep running and would be the leader on restart. McLaughlin would head to the pits. 

With ten laps to go, Phelps was in total command of the race with Tom Sears Jr., Chad Phelps, Max Hill, and Chris Hile racing for second through fifth. 

Over the final laps and no yellows, Jimmy Phelps would cruise to the win, followed Tom Sears Jr., Chad Phelps, Tyler Trump, and Chris Hile. 

Victory lane got loud with cheers from the crowd for two of the fan favorites at the speedway, for Phelps on his victory and Chris Hile on his first Tracey Road DIRTcar Big Block Modified Championship. 

Earl Rudy would lead the opening lap of the 25-Lap DOT Foods DIRTcar Sportsman feature when Mike Button would drive into the lead after a caution and restart. 

Button and Rudy were locked in a tight fight for the lead on lap-five, with James Donaldson, Cody Manitta, and Ryan Dolbear showing in the top-five. 

Dolbear would work his way into second and then would drive by Button and into the lead on lap-ten. 

With ten laps remaining, Dolbear was on rails as he opened a straightaway lead. Behind Dolbear you could have thrown a blanket over Manitta, Zach Sobotka, and Button, with Donaldson in fifth. 

With no yellows the rest of the way, there was no catching Ryan Dolbear as he cruised to his third victory of the season. Zach Sobotka, Chris Mackey, Cody Manitta, and Richard Murtaugh completed the top five. 

Fan favorite Amy Holland had one win and consistent top-finishes the entire season that only had one rainout, and that equaled her first hard fought DOT Foods DIRTcar Sportsman Track Championship. 

Brad Harris would lead the opening two laps of the 20-Lap AmeriCU Credit Union Mod Lite feature before Kyle Demo would drive into the top-spot. 

Once out-front Demo would dominate the rest of the distance for his third win of the season. Mike Mullen, Tom Mackey, Tucker Halliday, and Clayton Brewer III finished second through fifth. 

Mike Mullen took three wins, fifteen top-fives and eighteen top-tens and turned that into the 2022 AmeriCU Credit Union Mod Lite Track Championship. 

Thirty-Four Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints signed in the pits Friday night. 

Point leader Jordan Poirier would take advantage of a front row starting spot in the 25-Lap feature and would immediately bolt out to a big lead as he looked to run away and hide from the rest of the field. 

While Poirier was out front and trying to work his way through heavy traffic, Danny Varin would take advantage of that traffic as he would run down Poirier and drive into the lead on lap thirteen. 

Once out front, there was no stopping Varin as would cruise to the win. Larry Wight would come from the eleventh starting spot to finish second. Davie Franek, Tommy Wickham, and Shawn Donath completed the top-five. 

Weekly racing might be over, but racing isn’t at the Brewerton Speedway. 

On Wednesday night, October 5, annually, one of the best races of Super DIRT Week will take place. On the race card will be the 29th Annual Hurricane Harvey DIRTcar 358 Modified series, plus the DIRTcar Sportsman Series presented by Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux. 

The final event of the 2022 season will take place on Saturday, October 15 with the $2000-to-win 200-Lap Fall Foliage Enduro 200 plus a Four-Cylinder Open, and Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour. 

Any questions you might have and for 2023 marketing opportunities, contact Cory Reed at (315) 668-6906 or cory@brewertonspeedway.com. For all the latest news, go to www.brewertonspeedway.com powered by My Race Pass and like the speedway social media pages. 

87 Speed September 2 Championship Night Results 

Tracey Road DIRTcar Big Block Modifieds – (35 Laps): 1. 98H-Jimmy Phelps[7]; 2. 62S-Tom Sears Jr[11]; 3. X-Chad Phelps[5]; 4. 9X-Tyler Trump[8]; 5. 5H-Chris Hile[15]; 6. 160-Max Hill[12]; 7. 7Z-Zachary Payne[13]; 8. 21H-Bob Henry Jr[19]; 9. 34-Andrew Ferguson[4]; 10. 60-Jackson Gill[9]; 11. 79-Jeffrey Prentice[1]; 12. 38-Tim Harris[20]; 13. 4-Michelle Courcy[22]; 14. 11T-Jeff Taylor[2]; 15. 63-Adam Roberts[16]; 16. 8H-Max McLaughlin[6]; 17. 18$-Sean Beardsley[3]; 18. 83X-Tim Sears Jr[10]; 19. 99L-Larry Wight[14]; 20. 32R-Ronnie Davis III[17]; 21. 71-Corbin Millar[21]; 22. (DNS) 58M-Marshall Hurd 

DIRTcar 358 Modified Bonus – $300. $200. $100: Max Hill, Bob Henry Jr., Andrew Ferguson. 

2022 Modified Track Champion: Chris Hile, 

DOT Foods DIRTcar Sportsman – (25 Laps): : 1. 31B-Ryan Dolbear[7]; 2. 38-Zach Sobotka[13]; 3. 3M-Chris Mackey[15]; 4. 6-Cody Manitta[8]; 5. 33-Richard Murtaugh[12]; 6. 80X-Mike Button[2]; 7. 0-Tony Finch II[10]; 8. 5-Amy Holland[16]; 9. 19C-Brandon Carvey[14]; 10. R1-Riley Rogala[11]; 11. 28X-Stephen Marshall[24]; 12. 77L-Buddy Leathley[4]; 13. 83-Brett Sears[20]; 14. 13D-James Donaldson[5]; 15. 16-Earl Rudy[1]; 16. 1J-John Wilber[23]; 17. 30-Michael Root[25]; 18. AONE-Bucky Hayes[3]; 19. 5D-Kyle Devendorf[9]; 20. 19G-Bailey Groves[22]; 21. 28-Alan Fink[19]; 22. R19-Dale Caswell[21]; 23. 16X-Savannah Laflair[17]; 24. 29-Matt Caprara[6]; 25. 88H-Chris Hulsizer[18] 

NAPA Know How Chase Elliott Award: Brandon Carvey. 

2022 Sportsman Track Champion: Amy Holland. 

AmeriCU Credit Union Mod Lites – (20 Laps): 1. 22D-Kyle Demo; 2. 06-Mike Mullen[7]; 3. 99-Thomas Mackey[2]; 4. 16-Tucker Halliday[5]; 5. 155-Clayton Brewer III[8]; 6. 19-Brad Harris[1]; 7. 7J-Joel Moller[4]; 8. 55-Joseph Garafolo[9]; 9. 313-Jammer Applegate II[3]; 10. 9-Roger Olschewske Jr[10]; 11. 8BALL-Kelly Skinner[12]; 12. 39-Sam Usborne[11] 

2022 Track Champion: Mike Mullen 

Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints – (25 Laps): 1. #01-Danny Varin[5]; 2. #99L-Larry Wight[11]; 3. #28F-Davie Franek[8]; 4. #75-Tommy Wickham[17]; 5. #53-Shawn Donath[9]; 6. #10-Jeff Cook[3]; 7. #22-Jonathan Preston[6]; 8. 36-Matt Billings[4]; 9. #87-Jason Barney[25]; 10. 52-Scott Kreutter[18]; 11. #98-Joe Trenca[24]; 12. #3-Denny Peebles[14]; 13. 10X-Reese Nowotarski[16]; 14. #4-Billy VanInwegen Jr[23]; 15. #90-Matt Tanner[19]; 16. #11J-Chris Jones[22]; 17. #91-Scott Holcomb[20]; 18. 7NY-Matt Farnham[2]; 19. #45-Chuck Hebing[7]; 20. #7C-Dylan Swiernik[13]; 21. #10C-Paulie Colagiovanni[12]; 22. #88C-Chad Miller[21]; 23. #10K-Kelly Hebing[15]; 24. #13-Keith Granholm[26]; 25. #28-Jordan Poirier[1]; 26. #17-Sammy Reakes IV[10]