Jimmy Owens on Sunoco North/South 100 Pole

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Jimmy Owens on Sunoco North/South 100 Pole

Story By: Jeremy Shields/LOLMDS

Photo By: Heath Lawson/LOLMDS

UNION, Ky. (August 9, 2019) – Friday night’s portion of the Sunoco Race Fuels North/South – Presented by Lucas Oil kicked off with 53 of the nation’s top dirt late model drivers battling in twelve heat races of passing points.

In the first round, heat one was won by Mike Marlar. He led all the way to pick up the victory. Marlar stayed in front of a fantastic battle for second that lasted for the entire distance. Ultimately, he was followed to the line by Michael Norris and Ricky Weiss.

In the second heat, Zak Blackwood led all the way to win. Dale McDowell charged from the fourth starting position to take the runner-up spot. Scott Bloomquist took the third spot.

In heat three, Frank Heckenast Jr. passed Billy Moyer Jr. on the white flag lap to win an exciting battle between the two. Moyer Jr. would cross the line in second over seventh-starting Stormy Scott.

Hudson O’Neal made a daring move early in heat four as the 18-year-old went on to win the heat after starting in eighth, collecting the most passing points in round one with his winning effort. Duane Chamberlain would finish in second followed by Florence first-timer Chris Garnes.

The fifth heat race saw a torrid battle between the top three finishers. Jimmy Owens, Jonathan Davenport and Bobby Pierce ran away from the rest of the field over the last half of the race. Jonathan Davenport, who started seventh and Bobby Pierce, who started eighth rocketed through the field to finish second and third.

The sixth and final heat race of round one saw Kyle Bronson use his outside front-row starting spot to take the win as a hotly contested battle for second took place, with Nick Hoffman finally edging Brandon Overton for the second spot.

In the second round, heat one turned out to have a battle of number 8 cars as Mike Benedum took the lead at the start and stretched it out from the other number 8, Kyle Stickler. Strickler trailed at the line in second position, and eighth-place starter Devin Gilpin finished in third.

The second heat went to outside front row starter Bobby Pierce as he had to contend with youngster Billy Green for the first half of the race. Robby Hensley, the two-time Florence Speedway track champion finished in third.

Earl Pearson Jr. fought off the field for the win in the third heat, followed to the checkers by Ricky Weiss and Jonathan Davenport.

The fourth heat saw Scott Bloomquist come from the seventh starting spot to take the win. Devin Moran edged out Donald McIntosh at the stripe for second.

The fifth heat in round two saw Stormy Scott take the victory over Chris Madden and Tim McCreadie.

The sixth and final heat saw Jimmy Owens advance from the sixth starting position to take the win. With the victory, he earns the pole position for tomorrow night’s Sunoco Race Fuels North-South 100. Zack Dohm came from the same row as Owens to finish in second. Tyler Erb was third.

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
Race Summary
Friday, August 9, 2019
37th annual Sunoco North/South 100 – Presented by Lucas Oil
Florence Speedway – Union, Ky.

Round 1:
Penske Race Shocks Heat Race #1 Finish: Mike Marlar, Michael Norris, Ricky Weiss, Tyler Erb ®, Kyle Strickler, Kevin Weaver, Robby Hensley, Paul Stubber, Victor Lee-DNS

FK Rod Ends Heat Race #2 Finish: Zak Blackwood, Dale McDowell, Scott Bloomquist, Jason Jameson ®, Donald McIntosh, Tim McCreadie, Josh Rice, Johnny Scott, Todd Brennan

Simpson Race Products Heat Race #3 Finish: Frank Heckenast, Jr., Billy Moyer, Jr., Stormy Scott, Greg Johnson, Kody Evans, Earl Pearson, Jr., Scott James , Jeff Alsip, Roger Williams

Lucas Oil Products Penetrating Oil Heat Race #4 Finish: Hudson O’Neal, Duane Chamberlain, Chris Garnes, Chris Madden, Devin Moran ®, Zack Dohm, Jason Miller, Billy Green, Jesse Lay

Sunoco Race Fuels Heat Race #5 Finish: Jimmy Owens, Jonathan Davenport, Bobby Pierce, Trevor Landrum, Kent Robinson, Shanon Buckingham, Mike Benedum, Joey Moriarty, Austin Rettig

Arizona Sport Shirts Heat Race #6 Finish: Kyle Bronson, Nick Hoffman, Brandon Overton, Devin Gilpin, Josh Richards, David Webb, Mike Provenzano, Austin Burns

Round 2:
Penske Race Shocks Heat Race #1 Finish: Mike Benedum, Kyle Strickler, Devin Gilpin, Josh Richards, Mike Marlar, Joey Moriarty, Johnny Scott, Chris Garnes, Kody Evans

FK Rod Ends Heat Race #2 Finish: Bobby Pierce, Billy Green, Robby Hensley, Shanon Buckingham, Jason Jameson ®, Scott James , David Webb, Jesse Lay

Simpson Race Products Heat Race #3 Finish: Earl Pearson, Jr., Ricky Weiss, Jonathan Davenport, Hudson O’Neal, Brandon Overton, Dale McDowell, Greg Johnson, Trevor Landrum, Duane Chamberlain

Lucas Oil Products Penetrating Oil Heat Race #4 Finish: Scott Bloomquist, Devin Moran ®, Donald McIntosh, Austin Rettig, Jason Miller, Jeff Alsip, Paul Stubber, Austin Burns, Billy Moyer, Jr.

Sunoco Race Fuels Heat Race #5 Finish: Stormy Scott, Chris Madden, Tim McCreadie, Kent Robinson, Nick Hoffman, Michael Norris, Frank Heckenast, Jr., Todd Brennan

Arizona Sport Shirts Heat Race #6 Finish: Jimmy Owens, Zack Dohm, Tyler Erb ®, Kyle Bronson, Josh Rice, Zak Blackwood, Mike Provenzano, Roger Williams, Kevin Weaver

Lucas Oil Products Red “N” Tacky Spray Grease B-Main #1 Line Up:

Donald McIntosh7m8BMike Benedum
Michael Norris514Josh Richards
Kent Robinson7R94MJason Miller
Billy Moyer, Jr.2111Josh Rice
Austin Rettig944GKody Evans
Paul Stubber31AUS30Todd Brennan
Victor Lee1X 

FAST Shafts 
B-Main #2 Line Up:

Nick Hoffman2H17mDale McDowell
Frank Heckenast, Jr.99JR50Shanon Buckingham
Robby Hensley21H42Chris Garnes
Greg Johnson17J83Scott James
Joey Moriarty5178Jeff Alsip
Johnny Scott1st33Jesse Lay

Sunoco Race Fuels B-Main #3 Line Up:

Zack Dohm17d2Brandon Overton
Tim McCreadie3912JJason Jameson ®
Billy Green49G20cDuane Chamberlain
Trevor Landrum18L13WDavid Webb
Mike Provenzanom27B12Kevin Weaver
Austin Burns22B12Roger Williams

Lucas Oil Feature Line Up (100 Laps):

Jimmy Owens200Scott Bloomquist
Bobby Pierce32P2sStormy Scott
Hudson O’Neal717wRicky Weiss
Jonathan Davenport4940BKyle Bronson
Mike Marlar1570mChris Madden
Devin Gilpin1G1TTyler Erb ®
Zak Blackwood931MDevin Moran ®
Kyle Strickler8S1Earl Pearson, Jr.
B-Main TransferB-Main Transfer
B-Main TransferB-Main Transfer
B-Main TransferB-Main Transfer
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