Chris Anderson and Chris Transeau pick up Bloomsburg Fair Raceway wins in the return to racing during annual fair

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Chris Anderson and Chris Transeau pick up Bloomsburg Fair Raceway wins in the return to racing during annual fair

(BLOOMSBURG 9-29-22): After a 37-year hiatus, auto racing was back at the annual Bloomsburg Fair as the 167th edition of Pennsylvania’s largest agricultural state fair hosted the Sport Compact Dirt Racing Association (SCDRA) FWD 4-Cylinder stocks along with the Central PA Legends.

And with great track conditions the two classes put on quite a bit of exciting action to boot.

The nationally sanctioned SCDRA contested in a 30 lap main that saw Chris Anderson of Rockhill edge Bob Shultz for the $2500 win while Chris Transeau of Abbottstown pulled off a late race pass on Travis McClelland in garnering top honors in the Legends 20 lap main.

The SCDRA event was a thriller from start to finish as close, tight racing was taking place throughout the field over the entire race, especially at the front where Anderson was constantly under heavy pressure from the likes of Shultz as well as Josh Frantz.

Frantz matter of fact was giving Anderson a handful to deal with during much of the first half of the race while Shultz and Shawn Hadden rode closely behind. Several times those lead cars would roll into the first turn a bit high and hit the wall yet rarely did they lose any ground which only intensified the closeness that was ongoing.

Within the closing laps Frantz suddenly fell off the pace and Shultz, who had taken second, was now all over Anderson. With the white flag displayed the front pair then battled for position with Anderson doing a perfect job of defending his spot and annexing the victory by a very slim margin.

Unfortunately for Shultz his car did not pass post-race inspection and he was disqualified. That elevated Hadden to the runner-up spot with Jeff Huber, Robbie Carroll and AJ Hoffner rounding out the tip five.

The Legends feature was also a barnburner although despite a number of cautions that interrupted the action, the green flag laps that took place saw an outstanding battle for the lead.

Scott Houdeshell controlled the early going but had the top 2022 winner McClelland hot on his trail. After going several laps side-by-side McClelland assumed control of the lead with an inside pass on lap eight.

It would then appear that he was in line for his 12th win of the season but Houdeshell and Transeau where not making it easy on him as they surrounded him from both sides.

The decisive moment would take place on a restart with two laps to go when Transeau, who was then second, blasted to the outside of McClelland and snagged the lead. He would then stay solid in shielding his spot and taking the decisive victory. Houdeshell, Seth Kearcher and Wes Alleman rounded out the top five.

FWD 4 Cylinder feature finish (25 laps): 1. Chris Anderson, 2. Shawn Hadden, 3. Jeff Huber, 4. Robbie Green, 5. AJ Hoffner, 6. Luke Hoffner, 7. Kevin Doud, 8. Brandon Hoffner, 9. Josh Frantz, 10. Tim Raup, 11. Greg Kiehl, 12. Justin Williamson, 13. Jason Goss, 14. Sam Creveling, 15. Nick Kerstetter, 16. Kolton Wagner, 17. Virgil Meyer, 18. Matt Chronister, 19. Adam Bales, 20. Adam Campbell, 21. Kenny Underwood, 22. Kevin Greenfield, 23. Ryan Austin DQ: Bob Shultz DNQ: Tony Hilliard, Nick McDaniel, Jacob Knittle, Tim Campbell, Jason Seymour, Bill Price, Codey Beaver, Jeff Lawton

Legends feature finish (20 laps): 1. Chris Transeau, 2. Travis McClelland, 3. Scott Houdeshell, 4. Seth Kearcher, 5. Wes Alleman, 6. Lincoln Kearcher, 7. Rick Hartwig, 8. Scott Musselman, 9. Richie Dobson Jr., 10. Blaine Leppo, 11. Scott Spiddle, 12. Brady Arndt, 13. Bryan Green, 14. Logan Carbaugh, 15. Preston Alleman, 16. Shaun Abney, 17. Justin Wagaman, 18. Robert Stough, 19. Bryan Wagaman, 20. Shaun Miller, 21. Cory Phillips, 22. Wayne Dutterer, 23. Zach Baxter, 24. Vincent Wenrich DNQ: Scott Montgomery, Dave Benner, Eric Hurst, Tyler Kaylor, Caleb Masse, John Anderika, Hunter McElroy