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Story By: Deb Smith/Bridgeport Speedway

Photos By: Jim Brown & Kirsten Snyder/RacersGuide.com

After a flat tire and a broken shock that required two trips to the pits and restarting at the rear of the field not once but twice, reigning Spirit Auto Center Big Block Modified Champion, Ryan Watt charged into the lead on lap seventeen and drove to his third Bridgeport win of the season. Tom Sherby’s late race pass saw the former Rookie contender capture his first career victory in Stewart Stainless 602 Crate Sportsman action while Tom Wills Jr returned to Victory Lane for his second win of the season.

The full moon certainly played a part in Saturday night’s action, from qualifying right through the feature events.

It took three complete restarts before lap one could be recorded in the Big Block Modified twenty-five lap feature event but not before Tom Beamer, Billy Pauch, Bill Lasko, Ernie Miles III and Dave Shirk were involved in a homestretch incident after contact sent Beamer across the track and into the wall where he ended up on top of Pauch’s No. 1. Lasko was collected in the melee and went over – his car being the most heavily damaged and miraculously, the only car that was unable to continue. Both Beamer and Pauch went to the pits on the back of tow trucks with Beamer returning before the race was restarted. Pauch was able to return several laps later.

Roger Manning took the lead at the start with Jack Swain and Sam Martz in hot pursuit. By lap five, Neal Williams had raced the Sal DeBruno Overhead Door No. 0 into third. Williams pursued Martz for second and then took the lead from Manning on lap eleven. At this point, Watt had been to the pits twice – once for a flat tire on lap one and then again on lap three with a broken right front shock. Quick work by his crew had Watt back out before the green.

Using his telltale high, outside line, Watt raced through the pack. He was in the top ten when Williams took the lead and broke into the top five just two laps later. Martz challenged Williams for the lead at the race’s half way mark.

Watt took over second on lap sixteen and then set his sights on Williams, taking the lead on lap seventeen.

Watt raced to the checkered for the win followed by Martz and Wade Hendrickson for third. Hendrickson raced a brand new car out of the Rio Stable. The beautiful red and white No. R10 set fast time during warm-ups and then to a third place finish right out of the box. Williams finished fourth with Swain completing the top five. Dave Hunt finished sixth in the Horton No. 76 followed by Beamer who rebounded to a seventh place finish, followed by Ron Roberts, Jim Britt and Mike Franz.

Frank Dorry used the outside line to perfection to race into the lead in the 602 Crate Sportsman feature. Dorry looked like he was on his way to his first win of the season as he led Tom Sherby through lap fifteen. But Sherby was closing and raced into the lead after the two to go sign as the leaders raced off of turn two. After leading just two laps, Sherby collected his first win over Wayne Weaver, Dorry, Tommy Errico, Jr. and Bobby Bracall. Eric Kormann, Tom Moore, Jim Gallagher, Jr., Chris Jenkins and David Crossman rounded out the top ten.

Tom Wills, Jr. raced into the lead on lap four of the Outlaw Stock feature event and then led the rest of the way over Brian Ludwig and Jeramy Doerr to capture his second win of the season. Darren Cox was the early race leader and battled with Wills for the position. Lee Allen finished fourth with Gary Klimeczek taking fifth.

Action returns to the Bridgeport Speedway next Saturday for Bike Night with bicycle give-aways for some lucky youngsters and free admission and prizes for fans arriving at the track on their motorcycles. The Big Block Modifieds and 602 Crate Sportsman return to the 5/8th mile track for more exciting action along with the 305 Sprint Cars of the Mid Atlantic Sprint Series. Racing gets underway at 7pm.

1 – Tom Wills Jr, 2 – Brian Ludwig, 3 – Jeramy Doerr, 4 – Lee Allen, 5 – Gary Klimeczek, 6 – Gary Elliott, 7 – Steven Land, 8 – Darren Cox, 9 – Mike Creamer, 10 – Jeff Dirkes, 11 – Paul Donahue, 12 – Rich Stinson

1 – Tom Sherby, 2 – Wayne Weaver, 3 – Frank Dorry, 4 – Tommy Errico Jr, 5 – Bobby Bracall, 6 – Eric Kormann, 7 – Tom Moore, 8 – Jim Gallagher Jr, 9 – Chris Jenkins, 10 – David Crossman, 11 – Seth Spayd, 12 – Roger Gaskill, 13 – Matt Peck, 14 – Scott Kohler, 15 – Mark Clauss, 16 – Steve Kemery, 17 – Howard Huepful, 18 – Rich Wegner Sr, 19 – Ernie Miles Jr, 20 – Andrew Joslin, 21 – Rick Wegner Jr, 22 – David Hartman, 23 – Brad Roberts, 24 – Matthew Luzi, 25 – Sammy Martz Jr DNQ – Parker Guldin, Tom Holding

1 – Ryan Watt, 2 – Sammy Martz, 3 – Wade Hendrickson, 4 – Neal Williams, 5 – Jack Swain, 6 – David Hunt, 7 – Tommy Beamer, 8 – Ron Roberts, 9 – Jim Britt, 10 – Mike Franz, 11 – Roger Manning, 12 – Tom Macherrone, 13 – Scott Ambruster, 14 – Rocco Infante, 15 – Dave Shirk, 16 – Billy Pauch, 17 – Ernie Miles III, 18 – Brian Papiez, 19 – Richie Pratt Jr, 20 – Brett Ballard, 21 – Ricky DiEva, 22 – Bucky Kell, 23 – Bill Lasko, 24 – Tyler Hulmes