David Hoiness Brings it at Belgrade with the ASCS Frontier Region

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BELGRADE, Mont. (June 12, 2015) The season’s first trip to the Gallatin Speedway in Belgrade, Mont. for the ASCS Frontier Region saw David Hoiness return to Victory Lane in the Beer Wagon No. 27dd.

Career win number two for the Billings, Mont. driver, Hoiness gridded the field outside the front row. Beating out 24 other drivers for the night’s winning check, Hoiness was chased by Phil Dietz to the checkered flag with J.J. Hickle taking the final podium step.

Kelly Miller and 17th starting, D.J. Brink, completed the top-five. Skylar Gee, Trever Kirkland, Joe Perry, Chauncey Filler, and Randy Pierce made up the top-ten.

The Frontier Region of the American Sprint Car Series competes next at the Billings Motorsports Park on Saturday, June 13. For complete news, notes, and updates on the ASCS Frontier Region, log onto http://www.ascsracing.com.

Race Results:

ASCS Frontier Region
Gallatin Speedway – Belgrade, Mont.
Friday, June 12, 2015

Car Count: 25

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 2JR-Kelly Miller; 2. 38B-Bryan Brown; 3. 28-Joe Perry; 4. P12-Randy Pierce; 5. 55-Tyler Liebig; 6. 00-Roger Cummings; 7. 22-Chris Roberts; 8. 2-Shad Peterson; 9. 24-Leroy Brush

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 72-Phil Dietz; 2. 27DD-David Hoiness; 3. 37-Trever Kirkland; 4. 74U-Chauncey Filler; 5. 51T-Tristan Spiers; 6. 18-Seth Ostermiller; 7. 4-Cliff Nelson Jr.; 8. 4N-John Nelson

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 98-Joe Ramaker; 2. 12-Josh Ostermiller; 3. 23N-J.J. Hickle; 4. 0J-Jeremy McCune; 5. 99-Skylar Gee; 6. 75-D.J. Brink; 7. 38-Trevor Turnbull; 8. 77-Bob Shiplet

B Feature (12 Laps): 1. 75-D.J. Brink[3]; 2. 38-Trevor Turnbull[4]; 3. 77-Bob Shiplet[6]; 4. 2-Shad Peterson[7]; 5. 4-Cliff Nelson Jr.[2]; 6. 24-Leroy Brush[9]; 7. (DNF) 4N-John Nelson[8]; 8. (DNF) 55-Tyler Liebig[1]; 9. (DNF) 22-Chris Roberts[5]

A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 27DD-David Hoiness[2]; 2. 72-Phil Dietz[5]; 3. 23N-J.J. Hickle[6]; 4. 2JR-Kelly Miller[4]; 5. 75-D.J. Brink[17]; 6. 99-Skylar Gee[11]; 7. 37-Trever Kirkland[7]; 8. 28-Joe Perry[8]; 9. 74U-Chauncey Filler[12]; 10. P12-Randy Pierce[9]; 11. 0J-Jeremy McCune[13]; 12. 38-Trevor Turnbull[18]; 13. 98-Joe Ramaker[1]; 14. 38B-Bryan Brown[3]; 15. 77-Bob Shiplet[19]; 16. 00-Roger Cummings[14]; 17. (DNF) 51T-Tristan Spiers[15]; 18. (DNF) 18-Seth Ostermiller[16]; 19. (DNF) 12-Josh Ostermiller[10]; 20. (DNF) 2-Shad Peterson[20]