10 Questions with Kyle Reinhardt

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DSC_0161Kyle Reinhardt is one of the young upcoming stars in the world of Sprint Car Racing, as often as he can he makes the long tow from Neptune City, NJ to Central Pennsylvania to drive his Uncle’s #21 wrenched by Hall of Fame driver Steve Smith Sr.

While still searching for that elusive first 410 win Kyle about pulled one off a few weeks back at Williams Grove after leading 29 and three-quarter laps only to be passed by Lucas Wolfe coming to get the checkered flag. When not driving for his Uncle, Reinhardt races whatever he can get his seat in whether it’s a 360 Sprint Car, 305 Sprint Car where he has had a lot of success including winning the 2014 All Star Cup Shootout at New Egypt Speedway worth $3,005, and has recently tested a North East Wingless Sprint Car, also once winter time rolls around Kyle hops behind the wheel of the Blewett Motorsports Lafler Chassis #66 TQ Midget for the Len Sammons Indoor Series .

I recently had a chance to sit down and do a 10 Questions segment with Kyle.

DCIM100GOPROPM: If someone gave you an unlimited budget to build a race track, What would it be? Surface type?, Size? Banked?
KR: I’d probably build Selinsgrove speedway closer to home in NJ. Use a little different type of dirt, more like clay. Unlimited budget id also buy Wall Stadium and put dirt on it. That place would be a wicked dirt track, with a higher catch fence (laughs).

PM: If you could Race any race car in history what would it be?
KR: The City Chevrolet #46 Winston Cup Car from Days of Thunder.

PM: Best experience you’ve ever had due to racing?
KR: Meeting the people I’ve met in it the sport since I was born. I’ve met my best friends growing up through racing and a lot of other good people.


PM: What type of surface do you prefer? Dry/Slick or Tacky/Heavy?DSC_0179
KR: Dry/slick to moisture on top with a cushion.

PM: What do you do away from the race track besides race?
KR: I’m a full time mechanical engineering student and have a part time job so that takes up a lot of time. Other then working on the cars or doing anything racing related, I like to go out with my friends and go to the beach if I have time.

PM: If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
KR: So many choices, but I’d have to say either Dale Earnhardt or Tim Richmond.

PM: Where do you want your career to go?
KR: Anything’s possible I suppose depending on how you play the cards you’re dealt, but the pinnacle is clearly NASCAR, that’s where you make the money. But, if I could race sprint cars for the rest of my life as an occupation that’d be awesome. If not, I’ll race as long as I have the opportunity just to race, that is fine too.

PM: You could win one race you haven’t won yet what would it be?
KR: There’s a lot of races I haven’t won but if I had to pick a race probably the Knoxville Nationals, or the Indy/Daytona 500. Too hard to choose.

DSC_0142PM: $10,000 to win, your running 2nd, do you crash the guy to win?
KR: No. Don’t crash him. But it’s okay to get up on the wheel, get rough, and drive hard. Things happen when drivers race hard and that’s okay.

PM: Last Question: If you could change anything, What would you change about the sport?

KR: Cost. Racing is a crazy expensive sport. So many teams have closed doors and owners called it quits which makes it even harder to get opportunities at any level.

Keep a close eye on Kyle Reinhardt, if he can get the funding he surely has what it takes to run up front in the world of Sprint Car Racing.

For more information Kyle can be found on Facebook at facebook.com/kylereinhardtracing or on Twitter @kylereinhardt21

I can be found on Twitter @PMacDonald51

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