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Story By: Mike Wisniewski/New Egypt Speedway

Photos By: Photo Staff

New Egypt, NJ (September 23, 2018) – At New Egypt Speedway’s Legends of the
Fall, Billy Pauch Jr. took home the $7500 check after recording the win in
the Modified feature. Bob Lineman Jr. topped the field in the Crate vs.
Sportsman main event.

As the 75-lap Modified feature began, Billy Pauch Jr. motored to the front
from his third place starting spot with Jeff Strunk grabbing second. On the
second circuit, the first caution of the event took place for Anthony
Perrego’s right front flat tire. When racing resumed, Pauch Jr. remained on
top with Strunk, Danny Bouc, David VanHorn and Brett Kressley next in line.
As a lengthy stretch of green flag action was evolving, the top runners
began to encounter lap traffic with twelve laps completed. By the sixteenth
tour, Pauch Jr. was masterfully weaving his way past slower competitors with
Strunk in tow while Bouc and VanHorn were in close quarters for third place.
The dicing through heavy traffic continued for Pauch Jr. and Strunk until
the top two entered some clear space with twenty-seven revolutions
completed. On lap thirty-three, the ride of Wade Hendrickson slowed down in
the first corner and the yellow lights illuminated the dirt oval. When green
flag racing returned, the top two of Pauch Jr. and Strunk stayed intact with
VanHorn passing Bouc for third and Kressley fending off Jimmy Horton for

On lap thirty-seven, eighth place running Michael Storms stopped on
the backstretch of the track after the engine expired on his ride and the
yellow flag waved again. Following the restart, the top five of Pauch Jr.,
Strunk, VanHorn, Bouc, and Kressley stayed in order. Over the next several
laps, the advantage for Pauch Jr. began to increase until the yellow flag
appeared for the lap forty-five fuel stop. During the brief break in racing,
the fifth place running Kressley went pitside and did not return. On the
restart following the short pause, Bouc lost his fourth place position due
to a spin in turn one. Following the clean resumption of racing, Pauch Jr.,
Strunk and VanHorn were still in the top three spots with Craig Von Dohren
in fourth and Horton in fifth. By lap fifty, Pauch Jr. was beginning to pull
away from his rivals. With fifteen circuits remaining, the leader was back
in the midst of lap traffic. On lap sixty-two, Frank Cozze’s mount stopped
in the fourth corner. On the restart, Pauch Jr. repelled another challenge
by Strunk to remain on top with VanHorn holding onto third, Horton taking
over fourth and Mike Gular zipping into fifth. With ten laps to go, a spin
by JR Fulper stopped the action. When green flag racing returned, Pauch Jr.
remained in control with VanHorn outdueling Strunk to gain the runner-up
spot. Entering the closing moments of the feature, Pauch Jr. was
comfortably in command until a mechanical failure on Strunk’s ride brought
out the last yellow flag of the race with only three laps remaining. After
the single file restart, Pauch Jr. held off VanHorn in the final laps to
register his twenty-first career victory at New Egypt Speedway. VanHorn, the
2018 Modified champion, came home in second. Horton held off a hard charge
by Gular to take third. With the seventeenth place starting Gular finishing
fourth, fifth was taken by Von Dohren. Danny Bouc, Ryan Godown, TJ Lilly and
Brett Kressley were victorious in the Modified heat races. The consolation
events went to Mike Gular and Brian Papiez.

In the 30-lap Crate Modifieds vs. Sportsman, Bob Lineman Jr., the 2018 track
champion, led every circuit to claim his fourth victory of the year and the
twentieth of his career. Cale Ross came from twelfth to finish in second.
Third place was captured by Art Liedl. After starting the contest in
twenty-first, Louden Reimert completed the race in fourth. The top five was
filled out by Jeremy Martino. The winners in the qualifying events were Matt
Ellery, Art Liedl and Will Dupree.

New Egypt Speedway is located on Route 539 just minutes from Six Flags Great
Adventure and the New Jersey Turnpike. A racy 7/16-mile D-shaped dirt oval,
New Egypt Speedway serves Garden State race fans with some of the best
competition in the country. New Egypt’s state-of-the-art facilities feature
daylight-quality lighting and excellent sightlines from any seat in the
house. The grandstands are fully wheelchair accessible with wide, clear,
and well-groomed walkways. Concession facilities serve up everything from
Jersey Burgers to ice cream treats at family-friendly prices.

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Heat 1 – 1. Danny Bouc 2. Craig Von Dohren 3. Jeff Strunk 4. Dominick

Heat 2 – 1. Ryan Godown 2. David VanHorn 3. Jimmy Horton 4. Matt Stangle

Heat 3 – 1. TJ Lilly 2. Billy Pauch Jr. 3 Ryan Krachun 4. Duane Howard

Heat 4 – 1. Brett Kressley 2. Dan Hineline 3. Michael Storms 4. Mike Butler

Consolation 1 – 1. Mike Gular 2. Frank Cozze 3. Anthony Perrego 4. JR Fulper

Consolation 2 – 1. Brian Papiez 2. Wade Hendrickson 3. Dakota Kessler 4.
John McClelland

Provisionals: Brandon Grosso, Kevin Vaclavicek, Davey Sammons, Rich Rutski,
PJ Oliver, Brian Krummel

DNQ: John Willman, Eric Engstrom, Sam Martz, Rick Laubach, Chad Barney,
Rocco Infante, Jimmy Blewett, Dillon Steuer, Mike Franz, John Pakenham, Gary

1. BILLY PAUCH JR. 2. David VanHorn 3. Jimmy Horton 4. Mike Gular 5. Craig
Von Dohren 6. Duane Howard 7. Brian Papiez 8. Danny Bouc 9. Brandon Grosso
10. Ryan Krachun 11. Kevin Vaclavicek 12. Brian Krummel 13. Mike Butler 14.
JR Fulper 15. Jeff Strunk 16. Dominick Buffalino 17. Frank Cozze 18. Ryan
Godown 19. Matt Stangle 20. Brett Kressley 21. Dan Hineline 22. Michael
Storms 23. Wade Hendrickson 24. John McClelland 25. Anthony Perrego 26. TJ
Lilly 27. Rich Rutski 28. PJ Oliver 29. Dakota Kessler

DNS: Davey Sammons
Crate Modifieds vs. Sportsman

Heat 1 – 1. Matt Ellery 2. Brad Arnold 3. Cale Ross 4. Jeremy Martino 5.
Brad Roberts 6. Ryan Simmons

Heat 2 – 1. Art Liedl 2. Jim Housworth 3. Ryan Heim 4. Bob Lineman Jr. 5.
Pat Wall 6. David Burns

Heat 3 – 1. Will Dupree 2. Jason Kosch 3. J.D. Cranstoun 4. Bill Liedtka 5.
Sammy Martz Jr. 6. John Scarpati Jr.

1. BOB LINEMAN JR. 2. Cale Ross 3. Art Liedl 4. Louden Reimert 5. Jeremy
Martino 6. J.D. Cranstoun 7. Brad Arnold 8. Jim Housworth 9. Jason Kosch 10.
David Burns 11. Will Dupree 12. Brad Roberts 13. Pat Wall 14. Mike Toth 15.
Tom Princiotta 16. Matt Ellery 17. Ryan Heim 18. Chuckles Stone 19. John
Scarpati Jr. 20. Bill Liedtka 21. Ryan Simmons 22. Sammy Martz Jr. 23. Jimmy
Amato 24. Ryan Godown Jr. 25. JT Trstensky

DNS: Ricky Moran
Contingency Bonuses awarded – Modifieds:

American Racer Cup Short Track SuperNationals 11 Guaranteed Starter – Winner
– Billy Pauch Jr.

Vahlco Wheels $100 Gift Certificate – 3rd Place – Jimmy Horton

ATL Fuel Cells $400 Gift Certificate – 5th Place – Craig Von Dohren

ERK Steering Repair Gift Certificate – 6th Place – Duane Howard

JTees Screenprinting $50 Gift Certificate – 9th Place – Brandon Grosso

DIG Racing Products Gift Certificate – 12th Place – Brian Krummel

Factory 51fty-One $51 Cash – 15th Place – Jeff Strunk

ERK Steering Repair Gift Certificate – 16th Place – Dominick Buffalino

Vahlco Wheels $100 Gift Certificate – 23rd Place – Wade Hendrickson

JTees Screenprinting $50 Gift Certificate – 24th Place – John McClelland

Wiz Fab $100 Cash – Hard Charger – Brian Krummel

American Racer/Lias Tire Burning Rubber Bonus (Free Tire) – Hard Charger –
Brian Krummel

East Coast Indoor Dirt Nationals – $50 for each Modified Heat Race Winner –
Danny Bouc, Ryan Godown, TJ Lilly and Brett Kressley

Strange Oval Just Missed Award – Free Axle to first non-qualifier – John

Insinger Performance – $400 to be split evenly between Modified
Non-Qualifiers – John Willman, Eric Engstrom, Sam Martz, Rick Laubach, Chad
Barney, Rocco Infante, Jimmy Blewett, Dillon Steuer, Mike Franz, John
Pakenham, Gary Hager

JTees Screenprinting Giveback Award – $25 Gift Certificate to EVERY NON
QUALIFIER for one of their sponsors (valid only toward a non-racing order –
John Willman, Eric Engstrom, Sam Martz, Rick Laubach, Chad Barney, Rocco
Infante, Jimmy Blewett, Dillon Steuer, Mike Franz, John Pakenham, Gary Hager
Contingency Bonuses awarded – Crate vs. Sportsman:

ERK Steering Repair Gift Certificate – 6th Place – J.D. Cranstoun

ERK Steering Repair Gift Certificate – 16th Place – Matt Ellery