New Look, New Attitude for Jimmy Blewett

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“It’s that Learning curve on the new car. As I said started out bad all night long. When I flipped I asked myself what I am doing here”, said Blewett. As I was sitting upside down what am I actually doing here? Cars on fire I’m upside down its 100 degrees out.”

Jimmy Blewett took a nasty flip at New Egypt Speedway June 28th in his new modified. Today some may say he’s debuting his old car with a new body, while others might think he’s bringing back the red and white number 5. Jimmy salutes his late brother John by dedicating his “new” paint job to his brother’s first car.

“When this body showed up to the shop a couple weeks ago, and we ordered a red body from Troyer”, said Blewett. “It had 5 written all over it. Before I even lettered it I said to myself we gotta make this thing number 5. It’s always good to salute John.”

Blewett takes pride in racing the 76. Following in the footsteps of his father and brother. The 5 car however holds a special place in his life.

“In my heart this is my favorite car. My favorite paint scheme of all time. I was my brother number one fan”, said Blewett. “Thorough the years that’s all I remembered that number 5. My brother drove a bunch of cars over the years but that’s where it all started was this number 5.”

Racing tradition carries over to the next generation Blewetts’ every Sunday racing go karts are Wall Stadium.

“James took a good hand to I figured he would John as too given the experience and knowledge he has which really is not much at all”, said Blewett. “It’s different watching your son go around out there. I’m not nervous on a Saturday night. I get nervous watching my son like I did watching my brother. I use to get more nervous watching my brother than I do racing myself. Which is weird but definitely different.”