Loftin Wins Wild 200-Lapper at Bowman Gray

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Loftin Wins Wild 200-Lapper at Bowman Gray

Story By: Loren Pinillis/Bowman Gray Stadium

Photos By: Eric Hylton/Bowman Gray Stadium

(Bowman Gray Stadium, Winston-Salem, NC) The start of the 71st season of
racing action reminded fans at Bowman Gray Stadium why the legendary
track is known as “the Madhouse.”
Brian Loftin of Winston-Salem survived a wild Hayes Jewelers 200 to
claim the checkered in the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series, managing to
stay out of trouble while many of the veteran drivers at the Stadium ran
into bad luck time and time again.
Tim Brown of Tobaccoville turned the fastest qualifying lap and started
on the pole. Defending champ Burt Myers of Walnut Cove started beside
him in second. The two fan favorites were high on anyone’s list of
predicted winners. After all, 10 of the last 11 season-opening
200-lappers were won by either Brown or Myers.
When the green flag fell, Myers and Brown fought for the lead until a
sudden caution awarded the front position to Myers – who was ahead by a
nose when the caution waved. But that was just the start of the duel
between the two fan favorites.
Brown quickly claimed the lead during the restart only the have Myers
take it back a few laps later. Throughout several double-file restarts,
Brown attempted a challenge from the outside row – until he finally
slipped by Myers with close to half the race completed.

James Civali of Davidson began shoving his way through the field and
applied the pressure to the front two cars of Myers and Brown. Civali
collided with Myers, with the #1 car of Myers becoming damaged. Myers
headed off to the pits and returned to the race – but his car was off
the pace. He pitted multiple times trying to minimize the damage, but
the defending champ ended up finishing ninth.
Meanwhile Civali moved up in Myers’s absence to challenge Tim Brown for
the lead. The two tangled, clearing the way for Jonathan Brown of
Winston-Salem to take over the lead. He held off Randy Butner of
Pfafftown for three double-file restarts.
The double-file restarts, however, allowed Civali to fight his way back
up front, and he was soon challenging Brown. With less than 20 laps left
in the race, the #79 of Civali slipped by Jonathan Brown to steal away
the lead. Brian Loftin, who had been steadily climbing through the
field, took over second.
A final double-file restart with less than 10 laps to go allowed Brian
Loftin to take to the outside and Jonathan Brown to get right on
Civali’s bumper in third. Brown was quick to return the favor to Civali
as they battled for position. But the two collided, opening the door for
Loftin to move ahead.
Tim Brown, who had suffered through a wreck earlier in the race,
knocked the bumper of Loftin during the final laps. Loftin held strong,
going on to take the checkered. Tim Brown finished in second, and Chris
Fleming of Mount Airy claimed third.
It was a surprise victory for Loftin, who jumped in the car owned by
Grady Jeffreys on a whim. “They called me last night about nine o’clock,
and I didn’t have anything going on,” said Loftin. “All of it goes to
them. I was just the lucky guy holding the steering wheel.”
In the McDowell Heating & Air Sportsman Series, Derek Stoltz of
Walkertown flew from 17th all the way up to the front to claim the
checkered. He tangled with a familiar rival, John Holleman of
Winston-Salem, knocking him out of the way to take over the top spot.
Gerald Robinson, Jr. was in the right place at the right time to take
the win in the Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series. Robinson
darted through the wreckage as Donnie Martin of Winston-Salem, Jeremy
Warren of Winston-Salem, and Bryan Sykes of Winston-Salem took each
other out while battling for the lead.
In the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series, both Grayson Keaton of Mocksville
and Stephen Sanders of Midway each brought home a win.

Race Results

Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series
Hayes Jewelers 200: 204 laps completed (race extended due to caution)

1 15 Brian Loftin Winston-Salem, NC
2 83 Tim Brown Tobaccoville, NC
3 16 Chris Fleming Mount Airy, NC
4 75 Lee Jeffreys Wallburg, NC
5 5 Randy Butner Pfafftown, NC
6 18 Daniel Yates Lexington, NC
7 44 Daniel Beeson Kernersville, NC
8 4 Jason Myers Walnut Cove, NC
9 1 Burt Myers Walnut Cove, NC
10 66 Ronnie Clifton Walkertown, NC
11 79 James Civali Davidson, NC
12 3 Danny Propst Monroe, NC
13 22 Jonathan Brown Winston-Salem, NC
14 07 Johnny Sutton Salisbury, NC
15 19 Brandon Ward Winston-Salem, NC
16 73 Andy Jankowiak Tonawanda. NY
17 31 Zach Brewer Winston-Salem, NC
18 8 Darin Redmon Walnut Cove, NC
19 53 John Smith Mount Airy, NC
20 00 Kevin Orlando Statesville, NC
21 24 Andrew Harrah Greensboro, NC
22 50 Michael Clifton Walkertown, NC
23 12 Dean Ward Winston-Salem, NC
24 30 Brennan Poole Charlotte, NC
25 40 Frank Fleming Winston-Salem, NC
26 77 Susan Harwell Jonesville, NC
27 81 Zack Clifton Walkertown, NC

McDowell Heating & Air Sportsman Series
Sportsman race: 40 laps

1 02 Derek Stoltz Walkertown, NC
2 21 Tommy Neal Walkertown, NC
3 12 Justin Taylor Kernersville, NC
4 07 Kevin Neal Walkertown, NC
5 92 Kyle Southern Rural Hall, NC
6 2 Amber Lynn Walkertown, NC
7 19 Michael Adams Yadkinville, NC
8 50 Russ Dalton Liberty, NC
9 03 Sterling Plemmons Winston-Salem, NC
10 31 Chase Robertson Winston-Salem, NC
11 17 Michael Caudill Lexington, NC
12 5 Bubba Tilley Mount Airy, NC
13 55 Zack Ore Winston-Salem, NC
14 25 Matt Bodenheimer Wallburg, NC
15 4 John Holleman Winston-Salem, NC
16 7 Dylan Ward Winston-Salem, NC
17 3 Jeff Garrison Arcadia, NC
18 22 Wesley Thompson Advance, NC
19 27 Coy Beard Lexington, NC
20 38 Mitch Gales Thomasville,NC
21 48 Robbie Brewer Winston-Salem, NC
22 05 Spencer Martin Winston-Salem, NC
23 30 Blake Shupe Mt Airy, NC
24 56 Fishel Dale Thomasville,NC

Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series
Street Stock Race: 13 of 20 laps completed (race ended early due to

1 69 Gerald Robinson Jr Winston-Salem, NC
2 98 Billy Gregg Lexington, NC
3 02 David Creed Mount Airy, NC
4 08 Jacob Creed Dobson, NC
5 97 Jeremy Warren Winston-Salem, NC
6 1 Christian Joyce Trinity, NC
7 19 Corey Rose Trinity, NC
8 16 Brad Lewis Winston-Salem, NC
9 13 Kevin Gilbert Mocksville, NC
10 15 Nick Wall Pfafftown, NC
11 22 Brian Wall Winston-Salem, NC
12 33 Dennis Lanier Lexington, NC
13 28 Nate Gregg Lexington, NC
14 62 Kevin Hedgecock Thomasville, NC
15 23 Andy Spears Lexington, NC
16 0 Shane Tuttle Winston-Salem, NC
17 40 Taylor Robbins Winston-Salem, NC
18 00 Donnie Martin Winston-Salem, NC
19 99 Bryan Sykes Winston-Salem, NC
20 52 Fletcher Whaley Advance, NC
21 2 Willie Wall Winston-Salem, NC
22 29 Bradley Potts Clemmons, NC

Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series
1st Stadium Stock Race: 15 laps

1 1 Grayson Keaton Mocksville, NC
2 81 Chuck Wall Lexington, NC
3 47 Tyler McDonald Thomasville, NC
4 60 Brad Mickalowski Mocksville, NC
5 27 Austin Cates Tobaccoville, NC
6 31 Kyler Staley Reedy Creek, NC
7 22 Adam Thomas Winston-Salem, NC
8 76 Billy Cameron Jr Salisbury, NC
9 01 Derek Taylor Yadkinville, NC
10 37 Josh Osborne Salisbury, NC
11 14 Ken Bridges King, NC
12 43 Brandon Brendle Winston-Salem, NC
13 20 Scarlett Dahmer Kernersville, NC
14 80 Luke Smith Advance, NC
15 34 Steven Stoneman Asheboro, NC
16 74 Matt Alley Walnut Cove, NC
17 79 Junior Smith Lexington, NC

2nd Stadium Stock Race: 15 laps

1 16 Stephen Sanders Midway, NC
2 35 Johnny Baker Randleman, NC
3 7 Chris Allison Mocksville, NC
4 3 K.C. Myers Winston-Salem, NC
5 33 DJ Dean Thomasville, NC
6 24 A.J. Sanders Mocksville, NC
7 29 Cody Arrington Mount Airy, NC
8 68 Tyler Bush Clemmons, NC
9 54 Justin Owens Walnut Cove, NC
10 18 Jonathan Stimelchek Winston-Salem, NC
11 03 Cody Gum Winston-Salem, NC
12 23 Blake Spears Lexington, NC
13 25 Justin Emory King, NC
14 10 David Hopkins Winston-Salem, NC
15 0 Carlos Clifton Germanton, NC