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As the American Racer Sportsman Cup by Sunoco Race Fuels enters its third year in

existence, it looks to one again rewards teams for their weekly performance at their home

track(s) throughout the 2015 racing season, by giving away product awards throughout the

season, culminating in the American Racer Cup Weekend at Five Mile Point in October.  The

American Racer Cup program will once again be putting up approximately $150,000 in cash and

product awards, with regional and overall cash awards in excess of over $50,000 for the

upcoming season…here are some highlights:

 Pre-season tire certificate giveaways ($85 each) (5) held at Race of Champions event

at Bridgeport Speedway.  Must be a member prior to March 28th or enter at event on

March 28th.

 Home Track Awards – up to 12 weekly tire certificate ($85 each) drawings to teams at

each and every participating speedway (over 250 total drawings during the season!)

 Home track tire award for the top 3 finishers at every participating speedway!

 Overall and Regional Championships that will payout over $10,000 in cash to the top

participating Sportsman teams! The Overall American Racer Cup payout is once again

set at about $150,000 in cash and product awards!

 North and South Regional point funds, with the top 5 from each region sharing in an

additional Modified and Sportsman point fund of $3,000 in addition to the cash and

product awards in the overall American Racer Sportsman Cup point fund.

 Dog Days of Summer Awards – 1 tire awarded at each track in each participating

division to the highest team in the Cup points standings at each speedway on August


 American Racer Cup Weekend – A full weekend of October racing at Five Mile Point

Speedway in Kirkwood, New York, highlighted by a long-distance Modified feature on

Saturday night, and the American Racer Sportsman Cup Champions Dash.  The

American Racer Champion’s Dash will pit the highest finisher in the American Racer

Sportsman Cup points present at the event against one another for an exciting 15 lap

dash for a cool $1,000!  All other participant will receive an American Racer Modified

tire at no charge!

 The Race of Champions Sportsman Tour Championship bonus – If one driver is able to

capture the $1,000 American Racer Sportsman Cup by Sunoco Race Fuels in addition

to the Race of Champions Sportsman Modified Tour championship, that driver will

receive an additional bonus of $1,000!

 The Race of Champions Sportsman Tour Top Three Member Bonus Program – the top

three American Racer Cup Members will share a $250 bonus at each of the RoC

Sportsman Tour races in 2015 as follows:  1. $125 – 2. $75 – 3. $50.

American Racer Sportsman Cup by Sunoco Race Fuels Overall Point Fund

1) $1,500 9) $300

2) $1,000 10) $250

3) $750 11) $200

4) $600 12) $150

5) $500 13) $100

6) $450 14) $100

7) $400 15) $100

8) $350

In addition to the Top 15 in the overall standings receiving cash awards, the Top 50 overall

teams will also be eligible for product awards from the American Racer Cup’s marketing


American Racer Cup by Sunoco Race Fuels Regional Point Funds

4) $200 4) $200

Presented by Insinger Performance

North Region South Region

1) $500 1) $500

2) $400 2) $400

3) $300 3) $300

5) $100 5) $100

American Racer Cup by Sunoco Race Fuels Home Track Awards

List of Awards posted for EACH participating Speedway

 Up to 12 Tire Certificates ($85 each) awarded at random throughout the season to

 Top 3 at each track for the season will share in American Racer Tire Awards!

at each speedway on August 1st will each receive an American Racer Modified Tire!

registered members of the American Racer Modified Cup

 Dog Days of Summer Award – The driver who is atop the points standings

American Racer Cup Weekend Dash presented by Sunoco Race Fuels

On October 9 and 10, 2015, the Second Annual American Racer Cup weekend

will take place at Five Mile Point Speedway in Kirkwood, New York.  In addition to all of the

heats and features ran that weekend, we will be presenting a very special program for our

American Racer Cup track champions.  On the night of the Sportsman race, the highest

finishing driver from each speedway in the American Racer Cup points in attendance will be

eligible to participate in the American Racer Cup Dash.  This event will pay $1,000 to the

winner, while providing each of the other participating teams with an American Racer Modified

Tire at no charge!

American Racer Cup Rankings

The American Racer Cup will once again rank a driver based on their best 12 finishes at ONLY

their home/member speedway.  A driver may register for multiple tracks but their best ranking

will go toward the overall title chase.  Ranking begins on Friday, April 17th 2015 and will

conclude on Monday, September 7th 2015.  Tracks are entitled to utilize two Twin 20’s nights

and two mid-week events to be included in rankings.