Gravel To Continue JJR Dream For 2019

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Story By: Jason Johnson Racing

Photos By: Pete MacDonald/

ROCKY MOUNT, MISSOURI (October 31, 2018) – They say things happen for a reason. Most of the time we really do not know the reason or truly quite understand why when those things happen, but eventually we figure it out. It is never easy, but you must persevere. That is how life works if you want to realize success and grab a piece of happiness. You just have to continue believing in yourself and others and never stop trying to improve while relentlessly chasing your dreams.

With the final checkered flag just on the horizon for the 2018 season for our team at the Dirt Track at Charlotte this weekend, a season that we certainly will never forget and eventually learn to cherish, it is now time to look forward beyond the horizon and keep the dream alive in 2019. It does not take long when you are around Bobbi Johnson, Jaxx Johnson, Philip Dietz, Tyler Elliott and Patrick Dudzinski to see their love and passion for the sport of sprint car racing and this race team. Their commitment to the sport is amazing, but what truly is character defining is their commitment to each other and willingness to stay together and continue the dream at JJR. That commitment is further exemplified and highlighted by our amazing sponsorship partners who treat us like family and always step up to provide the support we need as people and a team. It is this unwavering support that gets us through the difficult times, while putting a smile on our faces (and Jaxx too!) as we prove ourselves in competition night in and night out.

One important thing that was missing from our team as we looked ahead was a driver. We did not just want a driver. We wanted someone we could welcome to our team who was talented and could grow as a member of our family here at JJR. We wanted to be selective as our goal is not only compete at a high level for our sponsorship partners and our fans, but we also wanted to identify the right person who would fit with our team, our mission and our desire to bond like a family and have fun along the way. One valuable lesson we learned this season is life is short. Life cannot be measured solely in years, but rather the experiences and people you touch along the way. We want to live life to the fullest in an authentic and meaningful way! Just like our leader before us, it is very important that we continued as a team in a manner that is defined by integrity, respect and dedication to excellence to honor Jason Johnson’s legacy.

After exploring our hearts, in addition to variety of very talented drivers and remarkable individuals, we are honored and privileged to announce that David Gravel will be joining the Jason Johnson Racing (JJR) team as the driver of the Mesilla Valley Transportation (MVT)/Dissolvalloy/Jonestown KOA #41 Maxim. At 26 years old, the 2013 World of Outlaws Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year is a proven wheelman recording 39 WoO wins to this point of his career, which is currently 17th overall on the all-time win list. We look forward to continuing the dream with David Gravel behind the wheel and adding to his win total along the way!

Bobbi Johnson explains, “I am all smiles to be able to obtain an individual the caliber of David Gravel as the driver for JJR. Since the first day we joined the World of Outlaws tour, he has always gone out of his way to say hello to Jaxx and me at the t-shirt trailer . . . and, he has always had a smile on his face each time he visited.” She continued, “With our team and dedicated sponsorship partners behind him, along with the notebook Jason Johnson wrote for us before he left us, I am so excited to carry this team forward with Gravel in the cockpit to find success!”

Philip Dietz has been an integral part of the Jason Johnson Racing (JJR) operation and long-time contributor to the success formula. The JJR Team Manager and Crew Chief provided his perspective, “I’m excited for the opportunity to work with David. His aggressiveness on the track and professionalism off the track reminds me a lot of Jason, so I feel confident we will work well together. David has proven himself as a winning driver year after year, so his talent and experience will be a valuable asset for our team.” He concluded, “With the great support from our sponsors, I feel honored to carry on Jason’s legacy and have the opportunity to put the JJR #41 back in victory lane in 2019!”

David Gravel shared, “I am honored to carry the JJR 41 banner and look forward to winning some races with this team. Philip, Tyler and Patrick are all really good, motivated young guys that are hungry to win!” He concluded by stating, “Thank you Bobbi and Philip for believing in me. I am so excited to see what the future holds for us!”

Please join all of us in welcoming David Gravel and his family to our JJR team!