Billy Pauch Jr Wins 10K and NES All Star Cup Championship

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Billy Pauch, Jr. Wins $10K and NES All Star Cup Championship

New Egypt, NJ (Sept. 20, 2014) – Billy Pauch Jr. of Frenchtown, NJ continued his breakout season Saturday night at New Egypt Speedway as he bested his dad to take top honors in the $10,000 to win 40-lap All-Star Cup Shootout and be crowned the 2nd All Star Cup champion. Pauch Jr. used the only restart of the event on lap 19 to grab the lead from Richie Pratt Jr. He then held off his father, 6-time champion Billy Pauch, with flawless driving thru heavy lapped traffic to post his 3rd win of the season at NES.

“Wow, what a great race, I am out of breath” stated the popular winner in victory lane, “I have to thank Rick Holsten and the whole crew, they have given me great equipment to drive.”

Richie Pratt and David Van Horn brought the field to the start with Pratt surging into the lead. Pauch Jr. started fourth by the luck of the draw and quickly worked into second chasing Pratt as the duo set a torrid pace. By lap 8 they approached lap traffic with Pauch Jr. on Pratt’s back bumper. Lapped traffic became very heavy by lap 12 with Pratt expertly handling it as he threaded the needle thru the back markers that were two and sometimes three wide in front of them. Pauch Jr. was equally impressive matching Pratt move for move and staying with the leader. When the only caution of the race waved on lap 19 Pratt chose the outside lane for the restart as is the leaders choice. As the green flag flew, Pauch Jr. won the drag race into turn #1 and assumed command as Danny Bouc and Pauch Sr. made their presence known charging into second and third. Bouc kept pace with Pauch Jr., keeping him in sight as lapped traffic loomed ahead. With 8 laps remaining, the top three entered heavy lapped traffic again with Pauch Sr. taking advantage of Bouc getting stuck on the outside of a lapped car and took over second. The final five laps saw the elder Pauch trying to school his son in the art of lapping cars, but Billy Jr. has already learned enough as masterfully sliced through the slower cars to capture the biggest race of his young career. Pauch Sr. settled for second, with Bouc a close third. Early race leader Pratt drove home fourth as Tad Cox rounded out the top five. Ryan Godown came home sixth followed by Jimmy Blewett, Neal Williams, Dominick Buffalino and David Van Horn.

In the first ever Crate Modified All Star Cup Shootout, Brian Papiez took an early lead and then held off all comers as he led most of the 30 lap event to collect the $5500 top prize. Delaware invader Scott Hitchens ran up front the whole race and came home with a strong second place finish. Jim Housworth returned to NES and finished third, followed by Bryan Kuhl and Eric Palmer. Mike Butler won his first ever championship as his 8th place finish was good enough to make him the 2014 All-Star Cup champion.

The NERS 305 Sprint cars also had their first ever All Star Cup Shootout and Kyle Reinhardt of Neptune City, NJ rocketed from his 8th place starting position to take the victory in the 25 lap feature. David Brown Jr. led the early laps and held on to finish second, while Mike Haggenbottom took the All Star Cup Championship with his third place finish after starting 12th. Kyle Purks finished fourth and Mark Bitner was fifth.

One event remains on the 2014 schedule as next Saturday night, Sept. 27, it is Championship night at New Egypt Speedway. All five divisions will crown a champion as the 358 Modifieds, Crate Modifieds, Sportsman, NERS 305 Sprints and Street Stocks will all be in action. Gates open at 4pm with the first race at 6pm. More info is available on the track’s website, or on Facebook /newegyptspeedwayofficial. You can also follow us on Twitter @nesspeedway.

NES RESULTS 09/20/14

1st Heat: 1. John Stangle 2. Tommy Farrell 3. Jimmy Horton 4. Neal Williams 5. John McClelland 6. David Van Horn
2nd Heat: 1. Danny Bouc 2. Gary Butler 3. Sammy Piazza 4. Jimmy Blewett 5. Dominick Buffalino 6. Ryan Godown
3rd Heat: 1. Billy Pauch Jr. 2. Tad Cox 3. Willie Osmun 4. Billy Pauch 5. Richie Pratt Jr. 6. Doug Ostwald
B Main: 1. Rich Rutski 2. Dave Witte 3. Johnny Cornell III 4. Kevin Vaclavicek
Feature (30 Laps): 1. Billy Pauch Jr. 2. Billy Pauch 3. Danny Bouc 4. Richie Pratt 5. Tad Cox 6. Ryan Godown 7. Jimmy Blewett 8. Neal Williams 9. Dominick Buffalino 10. David Van Horn 11. Jimmy Horton
12. Tommy Farrell 13. Gary Butler 14. Willie Osmun 15. John McClelland 16. Sammy Piazza 17. Rich Rutski 18. Andrew Bohn 19. Dave Witte 20. Kevin Vaclavicek 21. Johnny Cornell III 22. Chuck Potts
23. Chris Grbac 24. PJ Oliver 25. John Stangle 26. Sean Mandel 27. Doug Ostwald 28. Bill Lester
DNQ: Joe Dill, Steve Davis, DJ Ruppert.

1st Heat: 1. Mike Carman 2. Brian Papiez 3. Matt Carman 4. Chuck Steuer 5. John Aumick
2nd Heat: 1. Frank Dorry 2. Brandon Watkins 3. Patrick Gold 4. Scott Hitchens 5. Mike Butler
3rd Heat: 1. Jarrett Rozycki 2. Steve Hicks 3. Jason Bittner 4. Jeremy Martino 5. Eric Palmer
4th Heat: 1. Ryan Simmons 2. Kevin Dale 3. Ian Humphreys 4. John Micek 5. Jim Housworth
B Main 1: 1. Kevin Vaclavicek 2. Jimmy Martin 3. Jordan Cox 4. Chuckles Stone
B Main 2: 1. Bryan Kuhl 2. John Scarpati 3. Jim Britt 4. Clyde Cox
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Brian Papiez 2. Scott Hitchens 3. Jim Housworth 4. Bryan Kuhl 5. Eric Palmer 6. John Micek 7. Ian Humphreys 8. Mike Butler 9. Ryan Simmons 10. Steve Hicks 11. Jarrett Rozycki
12. Mike Carman 13. Jason Bitner 14. Chuckles Stone 15. Clyde Cox 16. John Aumick 17. Brandon Watkins 18. Jeremy Martino 19. Jimmy Martin 20. Chuck Steuer 21. Kevin Dale 22. John Scarpati
23. Kevin Vaclavicek 24. Jim Britt 25. Jordan Cox 26. Patrick Gold 27. Matt Carman 28. Frank Dorry
DNQ: CJ Jones, Branden Clauss, Mike Mongiello, Brandon Blades, Ryan Olsommer, Jimmy Amato, Aaron Weaver, Adam Cox, JD Cranstoun, Joe Nappi, Joe Reid, Scott Hyland.

1st Heat: 1. Jamie Kostic 2. Phil Meisner Jr. 3. Kyle Reinhardt 4. Steve Glover 5. Chuck Palmucci 6. Ed Newhouser
2nd Heat: 1. Mike Haggenbottom 2. David Brown Jr. 3. Jeff Schall 4. Stefanie Palmai 5. Bob Devault 6. Darryl Ruggles
3rd Heat: 1. Rory Janney 2. Adam Carberry 3. Neil Williams 4. Mark Bitner 5. Kyle Purks 6. Jeff Geiges
B Main: 1. Erika Palmai 2. Ryan Stillwaggon 3. Tommy Carberry 4. Karl Freyer 5. Harris Kohen 6. Scott Frack
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Kyle Reinhardt 2. David Brown Jr. 3. Mike Haggenbottom 4. Kyle Purks 5. Mark Bitner 6. Jeff Geiges 7. Stefanie Palmai 8. Bob DeVault 9. Adam Carberry 10. Phil Meisner Jr. 11. Jeff Schall
12. Ryan Stillwaggon 13. Tommy Carberry Jr. 14. Rory Janney 15. Jamie Kostic 16. Scott Frack 17. Steven Glover 18. Chuck Palmucci 19. Karl Freyer 20. Brad Franks 21. Darryl Ruggles 22. Zach Burd
23. Erika Palmai 24. Neal Williams 25. Harris Kohen 26. Keith Anderson 27. Ed Newhouser 28. Brendon Poff
DNQ: Jon Brennfleck, William Glover, Rick Stief.