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Bridgeport, NJ – The first Saturday night show in the month of August featured competition in six different divisions on two different race tracks!

Tim Borror became the first to repeat in the 2020 DA’s Auto Body and Repair Rookie division.   Rich Stinson is now a three time feature winner in the Sunbelt Rentals Street Stock Division.  Tom Moore, Jr. led all but one lap of the South Jersey Overhead Door 602 Sportsman feature for his first win of the season.  Jeff Geiges earned his first win of the season in the Mid Atlantic Sprint Series feature event.  Pat Hires picked up his first win of the season in the 8 Cylinders while Justin Dunn was a repeat winner in the 4 Cylinder division.

Returning for an afternoon matinee show were the All Star Slingshots whose preliminaries were completed during the afternoon with their feature event being presented at the conclusion of warm-ups in front of the Saturday night race fans.  Amanda Angstadt picked up her third win of the season in the All Star Slingshot twenty lap feature event.

The twenty lap All Star Slingshot feature saw the lead change hands four times in the first ten laps of the race.  Tomas Mowery took the lead on the green but ran into problems in turn four, turning the lead over to Michael Beckett at the conclusion of the first lap.  Beckett led for a single lap before Angstadt took over.  Beckett returned to the lead on lap seven with Angstadt taking the lead for the final time on lap eleven.

Angstadt took the win over Ryan Davey who won the most races during the 2019 season.  Beckett finished third followed by Ryan Harris and Tomas Mowery who raced his way from the back of the field to a top five finish.  Shawn Mowery, Tim Franks, Joseph Hansen, Dave Morrell and Ashley Therien rounded out the top ten.

Tim Borror was the back-to-back winner in the DA’s Auto Body & Repair Rookie feature by leading all eight laps.  Anthony Sisco finished second with George Plutz finishing third.

Tom Moore found redemption in the Winner’s Circle with his first win of the season in the South Jersey Overhead Door 602 Sportsman.  Moore started out the season with a blown motor and a lot of questions.  But the pieces all came together and Moore was able to take the checkered flag in the twenty lap feature event.

Brett Belmont had an outstanding night to start his 2020 race season.  It was Belmont’s first attempt on the new 4/10th mile track in a brand new car bearing the familiar Belmont yellow and the No. 14.  Belmont led the first lap of the feature event before Moore took over.  

The twenty non-stop green flag laps had Moore racing through lapped traffic but Moore had little problem making his way through.  In addition to thanking his family and his sponsors, Moore also credited drivers Neal Williams and Eric Kormann for their help and guidance this season.

Trailing Moore to the checkered were Belmont, Jim Gallagher who had closed in on the leaders by the end of the race.  Rick Wenger, Jr. finished fourth with Tommy Ericco, Jr. taking fifth for his best performance of the season.  Steve Kemery, Joe Toth, reigning champion, Matt Peck, Ryan Simmons and Wayne Weaver completed the top ten at the checkered.

The Sunbelt Rentals Street Stock Feature event was full of all kinds of excitement.  Mike Hughes, Jr. led the first two laps before Tom Wills, Sr. took the lead on lap three.  Wills, Sr. led through lap seven.  After racing side by side for the lead on a lap eight restart, Rich Stinson pulled ahead of Wills, Sr. on the backstretch to become the new leader.  At half way, Stinson led Wills, Lee Allen and TJ Henry who was battling with Hughes for fourth.  

Henry got up to second on lap eleven and was set to battle with Stinson for the lead when he slowed on the backstretch with mechanical issues.

Stinson took the win over Allen with Brian Spencer finishing third for his best run to date.  Wills, Sr. finished fourth after losing brakes on the No. 57 and Gary Klimeczak crossed the line in fifth.  Nick Sandone III finished sixth, racing his way from the back of the starting line-up.  Mike Creamer finished seventh followed by Paul Donahue, John Parker and Ken Moren.

The Mid Atlantic Sprint Series returned to the Bridgeport Speedway and Jeff Geiges drove to the checkered flag to capture his first win of the season.  

It looked like Andy Best would be a repeat winner after starting outside the front row and immediately pulling away from polesitter, Tim Tanner and the rest of the field.  Tanner and Dave Brown raced for second, trading the position back and forth with reigning MASS Champion, Ricky DiEva  joining the wheel to wheel action in the early going.  At half way, Best led Tanner, Geiges who came from the nineth starting spot, Brown and Tom Carberry, Sr.  

Geiges was the man on the move as he raced by Tanner for second on lap seventeen.  Best was ready to take the five to go sign from the starter on his next time around when he tangled with a lapped car between turns three and four.  Best’s night was over and it was Geiges who led the field back to the green flag.

Tanner closed in on Geiges to challenge for the lead in the final laps but it was Geiges who raced to the line first.  Tanner finished second followed by Carberry and Brown with CJ Faison racing into the top five in the closing laps.  DiEva finished sixth followed by John Frye, Eddie Wagner, John Brennfleck and Rick Stief.  

Unlike some of the other competitors, Geiges did not find the outside to be the fastest way around the track, sticking to the bottom and the middle of the track, Geiges was able to make his moves to the front.

Pat Hires became a first time winner in the 8 Cylinder division, driving the former Lee Allen owned No. 98B.    Hires led from the green to the checkered to capture the win over Derek Jones and Tom Wolf.

Jason Dunn repeated his past performance in the 4 Cylinder division, taking the win over Joe Garey, Sr., Ryan Drews, Robby Dunn and Tim Jones.  Brenden Hires led the first lap with Tim Jones leading three laps before Dunn took over.  

Action returns to the Bridgeport Motorsports Park this Saturday with the Foley Cat Modifieds, South Jersey Overhead Door 602 Sportsman, Sunbelt Rentals Street Stocks, DA’s Auto Body & Repair Rookies and the 4 Cylinders.  Race time is 7pm.


  1. Tim Borror, 2. Anthony Sisco, 3. George Pultz 


  1. Rich Stinson, Jr., 2. Lee Allen, 3. Brian Spencer, 4. Tom Wills, Sr., 5. Gary Klimeczak, 6. Nick Sandone III, 7. Mike Creamer, 8. Paul Donahue, 9. John Parker, 10. Ken Moren, 11. Johnny Bush, 12. Justin Nowlen, 13. Mike Hughes, Jr., 14. Keith McKinley, 15. T.J. Henry, 16. Tom Wills, Jr., 17. Daniel Harrison, 18. Jeff Dirkes  


  1. Tom Moore, Jr., 2. Brett Belmont, 3. Jim Gallagher, Jr., 4. Ricky Wegner, Jr., 5. Tom Errico, Jr., 6. Steve Kemery, 7. Joe Toth, 8. Matt Peck, 9. Ryan Simmons, 10. Wayne Weaver, 11. Brad Roberts, 12. Kris Lilick, 13. Tom Sherby, 14. Chris Jenkins, 15. Scott Hulmes, 16. Billy Chester, 17. Pete Serra, 18. Anthony Sisco, 19. Erick Mattson, 20. Tim Borror, 21. George Pultz 


  1. Jeff Geiges, 2. Tim Tanner, Jr., 3. Tom Carberry, 4. Dave Brown, 5. C.J. Faison, 6. Ricky DiEva, 7. Jake Frye, 8. Eddie Wagner, 9. John Brennfleck, 10. Rick Stief, 11. Craig Pellegrini, 12. Kristina Pratt, 13. Keith Anderson, 14. Darron Cox, 15. Dale Eggert, 16. Larry McVay, 17. Jenna Shotz (27J), 18. Andy Best, 19. Kevin Nagy, 20. Johnny Yanek, 21. Zach Berghof, 22. Jason Dunn, 23. Troy Ale  

ALL STAR SLINGSHOTS FEATURE (20 laps – on ¼ mile)

  1. Amanda Angstadt, 2. Ryan Davey, 3. Michael Beckett, 4. Ryan Harris, 5. Tomas Mowery, 6. Shawn Mowery, 7. Tim Franks, 8. Joseph Hansen, 9. Dave Morrell, 10. Ashley Therien, 11. Mike Sommers, DNS – Robin McTighe 


  1. Pat Hires, 2. Derek Jones, 3. Tom Wolf, 4. Travis Guyer, 5. Joe Beiderman 


  1. Justin Dunn, 2. Joe Garey Sr., 3. Ryan Drews, 4. Robby Dunn, 5. Tim Jones, 6. Brenden Hires, 7. John Ciallula, 8. Penny Horner, 9. Joe Garey, Jr.