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Devin Adams holds off Jonathan Jones for 305 sprint car win and Pete
Leister wins xtreme stocks

Story By: Justin Snyder/Port Royal Speedway

Photos By: Dan DeMarco/RacersGuide.com

PORT ROYAL, PA – Logan Wagner is in complete control of the Weikert’s
Livestock sprint cars at Port Royal Speedway.

The defending track champion and current point leader made a huge
statement Saturday night by winning both 20-lap sprint car features.

He dominated the first feature earning $3,000 for his third win of the
season in the John and Pee Wee Zemaitis Zemco sprinter. In the second
feature, he passed Lance Dewease for the win.

Wagner, of Harrisonville, earned another $3,000 for that win, plus a
$1,000 bonus for the sweep. Murray Motors Chevrolet of Selinsgrove and
Folkens Bros. Trucking of Iowa each put up $500 toward the bonus.

“I can’t believe it,” Wagner said. “To win one of them two years ago
would have been unheard of for me. These guys have been doing this for
a long time and they know what they’re doing. I’m just the loose nut
behind the wheel.”

In the first feature, Wagner started second and grabbed the race lead.
Kyle Reinhardt and Ryan Smith swapped second with Reinhardt securing
the spot.

Wagner reached lapped traffic with six laps completed, but it didn’t
slow him down. Behind the top three, it was a battle between Danny
Dietrich and Lance Dewease.

The first yellow of the race flew with 11 laps completed when Trenton
Sheaffer stopped on the front stretch. This got Wagner out of the
heavy lapped traffic, but also erased his comfortable 2.469-second

Wagner streaked away from the field on the restart as the top cars all
blasted around the cushion. He built another big lead and was headed
for the white flag when Justin Whittall stopped bringing out the
yellow again.

He raced right thru the center of the corners on the restart.
Reinhardt stayed closer this time, but Wagner took the bottom line
away from him on the final lap. Wagner’s third Port Royal win of the
season came by 1.297 over Reinhardt. Smith, Dewease and 15th starter
Dylan Cisney completed the top five.

“We capitalized on starting position,” Wagner said. “We have a really
fast hot rod. I can’t thank the Zemco Team enough. I did a lot of
saving on the right rear for the second feature. I’m not sure what the
other guys’ tires look like, but we should be okay. I’m sure if we
have car similar to that we should be alright.”

Danny Dietrich, Mike Wagner, Antony Macri, Blane Heimbach and TJ
Stutts rounded out the top 10.

Wagner drew the lowest number possible for the second feature
inversion. He picked a four putting Dewease and Smith on the front

Dewease grabbed the lead over Smith and Wagner to start the second
20-lappper. Meanwhile, Reinhardt, Dietrich and Cisney battled for the
fourth spot.

Smith stayed close to Dewease with Wagner third. The battle continued
behind them with Dietrich securing the spot.

Dewease worked the middle while Smith and Wagner worked the top.
Smith was right on Dewease as they completed lap nine. Dewease was
having trouble lapping cars. Smith drove next to Dewease as they raced
down the backstretch, but Wagner went way up top entering turn three
making the race for the lead three-wide in the corners.

Wagner drove by Smith and then Dewease in turns one and two taking the
lead with 11 laps completed. Dietrich was lurking right behind them.

“Ryan had no idea I was there,” Wagner said. “I knew where Lance was
running and he wasn’t going to leave it. When Ryan seen Lance, he
started to pick it up and spin his wheels. I got a good run off of two
and when the gap opened up, I had to pull the trigger then. I skated
up. I was probably close to him, but I had to do what I had to do. Two
laps later, I got a good run in the middle and got by Lance, too.”

He gave plenty of credit to crew chief Tommy Carl and crew.

“Hats off to the crew,” he said. “For a car to operate like and get by
Lance Dewease on his race track, slick, 20-second laps, that speaks
volumes on what my guys are doing. We had a good right rear tire going
into it and I felt like we could go anywhere. I tried a couple
different grooves before I caught them to see what my car was doing.”

Wagner pulled ahead off turn two while Dewease and Dietrich got by
Smith. Dietrich took second from Dewease with three to go.

But it was all Wagner winning by 1.569 over Dietrich, Dewease, Cisney
and Smith. Macri, Reinhardt, Mike Wagner, Heimbach and Stutts rounded
out the top 10.

He got up on the wing with broom in hand following the second win.

“It took me too long to get going,” Dietrich said. “I needed 25 laps.”

“We’re pretty happy with the first feature,” Reinhardt said.
“Honestly, we were pretty bad all day until the first feature. We hung
on and made it into the redraw. Logan got us at the start. We had a
good run. We caught up to him a little bit before that yellow and then
he had clear track and that was it. The second feature, we tried a lot
of different stuff and it didn’t work. It wasn’t a total loss. We’re
still rolling okay.”

Wagner set fast time over the 32-car field with a lap of 16.346.
Steve Buckwalter, Dietrich, AJ Flick and Mike Wagner won the heat
races. Jared Esh won the B-main.

In the 20-lap main event for the Penns Valley Meat Market 305 sprints,
Jonathan Jones grabbed the early race lead, but Devin Adams, of
Jonestown, passed him on the frontstretch taking over the top spot
with a few laps completed.

Jones stayed with him and worked the inside line as Adams stayed on
the cushion. They reached lapped traffic with 11 laps to go.

This bunched up the top five as ninth starter Zach Newlin moved into
the top five. The leaders were in heavy lapped traffic as Jones
continued to challenge Adams for the lead.

He was under him again on the final lap in turns one and two. Jones
final bid for the win ended in a fourth turn 360 spin. Jones had
finished second in the first three races of the season. Adams, a
recent high school graduate, beat Christian Rumsey to the line by .912
in the non-stop feature. Newlin, Dave Grube and Jones completed the
top five. Ken Duke Jr., Cale Reigle, Kassidy Kreitz, Drew Ritchey and
Doug Dodson rounded out the top 10.

Scott Ellerman, Rumsey, Jones and Newlin won the heat races. Kyle
Ganoe won the consolation.

Pete Leister won the 15-lap feature for the Juniata Junction xtreme
stocks. Brad Mitch, Dustin Hoffman, Andrew Shoop and Dustin Snook
completed the top five.

Sprint Car Feature 1 (20 laps): 1. Logan Wagner. 2. Kyle Reinhardt. 3.
Ryan Smith. 4. Lance Dewease. 5. Dylan Cisney. 6. Danny Dietrich. 7.
Mike Wagner. 8. Anthony Macri. 9. Blane Heimbach. 10. TJ Stutts. 11.
Ryan Taylor. 12. AJ Flick. 13. Cory Haas. 14. Lucas Wolfe. 15. Jason
Shultz. 16. Tyler Reeser. 17.Steve Buckwalter. 18. Jared Esh. 19.
Landon Myers. 20. Jeff Miller. 21. Tyler Bear. 22. Nicole Bower. 23.
Justin Whittall. 24. Trenton Sheaffer.

Sprint Car Feature 2 (20 laps): 1. Wagner. 2. Dietrich. 3. Dewease. 4.
Cisney. 5. Smith. 6. Macri. 7. Reinhardt. 8. M. Wagner. 9. Heimbach.

  1. Stutts. 11. Haas. 12. Wolfe. 13. Shultz. 14 .Taylor. 15. Esh. 16.
    Reeser. 17. Flick. 18. Miller. 19. Bear. 20. Mike Walter II 21. Bower.
  2. Whittall. 23. Myers. 24 Buckwalter.

Did Not Qualify: Michael Walter, Kyle Smith, Dustin Baney, Daryl
Stimeling, Cory Thornton, Troy Fraker, Tyler Walton.

305 Sprint Car Feature (20 laps): 1. Devin Adams. 2. Christian Rumsey.

  1. Zach Newlin. 4. Dave Grube. 5. Jonathan Jones. 6. Ken Duke Jr. 7.
    Cale Reigle. 8. Kassidy Kreitz. 9. Drew Ritchey. 10. Doug Dodson. 11.
    Scott Ellerman. 12. Robert Garvey. 13. Kyle Ganoe. 14. Fred Arnold.
  2. Nick Sweigart. 16. Larry McVay. 17. Mike Alleman. 18. Landon
    Price. 19. Michael Wenrick. 20. Kirsten Hess. 21. Jake Waters. 22.
    Cruz Kepner. 23. Erin Statler. 24. Domenic Melair. 25. Dave Graber.
  3. Kurt Knepper.

Did Not Qualify: Samantha Lieberman, Kenny Heffner, Steve Surniak,
Tom Carberry, Jay Krout, Jimmy White, Dave Wickham, Rick Romig, Eric
Mathiot, Chad Connor, Austin Burke, Wally Eshenaur,

Xtreme Stock Feature (15 laps) 1. Pete Leister. 2. Brad Mitch. 3.
Dustin Hoffman. 4. Andrew Shoop. 5. Dustin Snook. 6. Chuck Bryner. 7.
Craig Imes. 8. Walt Peters. 9. Chase Kepner. 10. Bill Cooper. 11.
Kevin Imes. DNS: Zachary Knepp.