Brown Doubles Up, Schmuck and Brian Also Win At Lanco

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Newmanstown, PA – Lanco’s Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway honored first responders and armed forces veterans and currently serving members this past Saturday. Following a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by 6 year old Landon Mak, a full slate of heat races and b-mains led into the four feature events. The 125/4 stroke division would kick things off, with Marty Brian and Nate Weidman pacing the 22 starters. On lap two, Kyle Lindsay would come to a stop in turn four, bringing out the first caution flag of the event. Justin Harrington and Cliff Brian Jr were charging through the field, hoping to gain early ground from mid-pack starting positions as a result of the handicapping system. Brian and Mike Miller would make contact in turn one, bouncing Miller into Harrington on the outside and sending Harrington around to bring out the second caution with two laps completed.

A long green flag run saw the leaders able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. As Marty Brian caught lapped traffic, Weidman was able to come past on lap ten. Chase Layser had a strong run going as well, moving back Marty Brian to third and coming past Weidman for the race lead on lap 16. Cliff Brian Jr would take second away from Weidman and begin working on Layser for the lead as the third caution flew for Alex Lukacs and Mike Coen. The restart would see Layser on the point for the single file start. Cliff Brian Jr would make quick work of Layser on the restart, and easily claim the win. Nate Weidman was able to get around Layser for the runner-up spot off of turn four.

The 270’s would complete the first half of the night’s features. The first attempt at a start would be aborted after issues for Andrew Dietrich, who was scheduled to roll off in the 16th position. Bradley Brown and Zach Hollinger would lead the field to the green. Pete Skias and Mike Skias would make early moves toward the front, but a four car incident in turn one would erase those efforts. Intense racing would come from the mid-pack forward as Alex Swift, Jason Swavely, and Nick Skias made several big moves to get towards the front. After a pair of quick caution flags, Brown was able to hold the lead by over a second. Swavely and Swift had completed their march forward when the caution flew once again for the spin of Anthony Yerger. Pete Skias also ran into issues, ending his race just shy of halfway. The biggest challenge to that point came from Swavely on the restart, but Brown would deftly parry the advance. Caution would fly again with ten remaining as Jarrett Imler and Charles Hellinger stopped in turn four. An incident on the restart between Clinton Hauser and Corey Schmuck Jr would slow the field and bring about a single file restart with the same ten laps to go. Swavely tried to make the top side work, but the grip was all around the bottom, losing ground to Brown, and allowing Swift to close in. With five to go, the left front tire and wheel came off the car of Heath Hehnly; nearly striking the race leader. The final restart was rinse and repeat for Brown. Six short weeks after suffering a serious neck injury, Bradley Brown would complete the comeback story of the season so far picking up the victory. Swavely and Swift would hold station and complete the podium.

The Sportsman division would be the third feature to take to the Speedway. Jesse Maurer would look to add to his win total for the season from the pole, while Corey Schmuck Jr started second in search of his first win of the season. Nate Gibble went for a wild ride in turn four on the initial start of the race, but would be turned upright and able to continue. Maurer was quickly into lapped traffic and in control early on, before Brianne Witmer’s stopped car entering turn three brought the field down to caution speed for the second time. A bobble at the front of the field saw some intense battles develop on the restart. That beating and banging throughout the mid-pack caused an issue for Isaac Graby who stopped in turn one. Under the caution flag, some hot tempers in the mid-field lead to a series of brake checks and Michael Spadafora was the unlucky victim of someone else’s issue, flipping while under caution. Graby would have another issue on the lap following the restart, slowing the field once again. Chad Kreiser would have a mechanical issue off of turn two on the restart, and everyone from third on back had to take some pretty major evasive measures to avoid the stricken car. A clean restart would see Maurer jump out to a healthy advantage before a passing attempt gone wrong got Gibble up and over for the second time in the race. Shannon Slaughter would be caught up in the incident as well and see her race end. At the halfway point, Maurer continued to lead over Schmuck and Patrick Kirn. With five to go, Jesse Maurer caught lapped traffic and the battle for the lead was on. Maurer clipped an infield tire in turn two with two laps to go, and had a mechanical issue end his quest for the win just over a quarter of a mile from the finish line. Corey Schmuck Jr rode out the wild finish to claim his first win of the season over Patrick Kirn and David Ravel.

The Hyper Racing 600’s would complete the night’s racing action, with Bradley Brown and Brent Ely on the front row. Brown would look for his second win of the night; while Brent Ely was chomping at the bit to attack a low-line dominant race track. Brown made quick work of the initial start and Brian Kramer would claim second early on. With the handicapping invert, Chris Gerhart, Heath Hehnly, and Mike Rutherford would all have to come from the middle of the pack to defend their podium finishes from last week. Brianne Witmer had mechanical issues derail her race just two laps in, coming to a stop in turn four and bringing out the first caution flag of the race. Jesse Maurer and Kramer would duel side by side for several laps for the runner-up position. A long green-flag run had the top three catching lapped traffic, and Kramer was closing in rapidly. Jesse Snyder spun in turn three to bring out the caution flag. Jesse Maurer got the best restart in the field, trying to go two-for-one and move from third to first. A mullti-car incident in turn four ended the attack by Maurer and slowed the field once again with 16 laps scored. Heath Hehnly put on a show making up a ton of ground on the high-side before Snyder had a second spin with seven laps to go. Brown and Maurer checked out on the restart, looking to settle the race win between themselves. Maurer made several attempts to get around the leader, but none were close enough to be successful. Bradley Brown would double-up and claim his second win of the evening over Maurer and Hehnly.

Coming up next Saturday night are the annual Pink Out Night festivities benefitting the Hershey Medical Center Breast Cancer Center. With only two weeks remaining in the 2020 season, there has never been a better time to live the excitement that is Lanco!

125/4 Stroke Results

1. 99 Cliff Brian Jr; 2. 25w Nate Weidman; 3. 7L Chase Layser; 4. 76 Justin Harrington; 5. 16 Marty Brian; 6. 24 Logan Rhoad; 7. 3 Mike Miller; 8. 11h Holden Eckman; 9. 29 Brandon Shearer; 10. 1z Steve Simmons; 11. 3x Kenny Bushey; 12. 26c Micheal Coen; 13. 26 Tyler Martin; 14. 62 Eddie Nocera; 15. 22 Jared St. John; 16. 04 Sam Borger; 17. 78 Sara Borror; 18. 112 Dylan Yeingst; 19. 3h Zack Hollinger; 20. 44x Alex Lukacs; 21. 5 Terry Ellex; 22. 28 Kyle Lindsey; DNS 1L Dave Labe

Sportsman Results

1. 26 Corey Schmuck; 2. 16p Patrick Kirn; 3. 21V Dave Ravel; 4. 5a Anthony Yerger; 5. 7L Chase Layser; 6. 15 Pete Skias; 7. 14 Brianne Witmer; 8. 3s Jeremy Eisenhauer; 9. 77g Isaac Graby; 10. 5 Bret Conrath; 11. 7C Curtis Miller; 12. 11m Jessica Moore; 13. 21d Dave Williams; 14. 22s Brett Sculley; 15. 19m Max Fasnacht; 16. 36s Steve Smith Sr; 17. 88 Jesse Maurer; 18. 8 Michael Spadafora; 19. 9g Jamie Flickenger; 20. 53s Shannon Slaughter; 21. 99k Chad Kreiser; 22. 23k Courtney Kupp; 23. 13b Matt Yoh II; DQ N8 Nate Gibble

270 Results

1. 19a Bradley Brown; 2. 92 Jason Swavely; 3. 15 Alex Swift; 4. 5k Mike Rutherford; 5. 2 Mike Miller; 6. 8s Mike Skias; 7. 5r Jesse Maurer; 8. 56h Zack Hollinger; 9. 63 Tajae Adams; 10. 5a Anthony Yerger; 11. 22 Clinton Hauser; 12. 16p Patrick Kirn; 13. 34 Christi Sweigart; 14. 13s Charles Hellinger; 15. B8 Brittany Zeller; 16. 82 Heath Hehnly; 17. 3s Nick Skias; 18. 20 Corey Schmuck Jr; 19. 17j Jarrett Imler; 20. 3 Pete Skias; 21. 8z Nate Gibble; 22. 4k Trent Eberhart; 23. 00g Dan Lane Jr; 24. 88d Andrew Dietrich;

Hyper Racing 600 Results

1. 23 Bradley Brown; 2. 3 Jesse Maurer; 3. 5 Heath Hehnly; 4. 17 Brent Ely; 5. 75k Jarid Kunkle; 6. 2s Mike Rutherford; 7. 51 Chris Gerhart; 8. 71 Brian Kramer; 9. 3k Kassidy Michael; 10. 11h Holden Eckman; 11. 96 Jesse Snyder; 12. 1 William Urkuski; 13. 22k Kyler Heiney; 14. 16s Brianne Witmer-Conrath; 15. 11z Zach Light; 16. 880 Kameron Morral; 17. 1e Aaron Espenshade; 18. 75 Mark Yoder