Racers Guide Classifieds FAQs

1.) How do I post an ad on Racers Guide Classifieds?

Posting your ad on our site is a breeze. In order to post an ad you must either create an account or login using your Facebook or Twitter account. Once you have logged in simply click Publish New at the top of the page and you are ready to start listing your items!

2.) Do I have to pay to list my ad?

No. For an introductory time you can list your items on Racers Guide Classifieds for free! If you would like to make your item a featured item for 7 days a $10.00 fee will apply. To move your item up so it is listed higher in recent posts a $5.00 fee will apply. All payments are handled by PayPal.

3.) How long will my ad remain on Racers Guide?

Your ad will remain on the site until you decide to delete it.

4.) Can someone buy an item I list directly through Racers Guide?

We do not handle payments directly through Racers Guide Classifieds. All payments are handled through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to complete a transaction. Purchase price, shipping and returns are between the seller and buyer.